WORX WG150E, WG151E WG152 WG154E WG163E Grass Trimmer Replacement Spool Cover Cap For Li-ion Cordless Garden Strimmer, Quality British Made ALM Spares

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WORX Grass Trimmer Replacement Spool Cover / Cap.

Replace broken, damaged or missing spool cover / cap on your WORX grass trimmer. For cordless Li-ion battery powered garden strimmers.

Fits models:

WORX WG150E, WG151E 18v Li-ion Cordless WG150.1, WG150.2, WG150.3,  WG151, WG151E, WG151.5,  WG152,  WG154E, WG154E.9,  WG155, WG155.5, WG155E,  WG157E, WG157E.9,  WG160, WG160E,  WG163E 20v, WG163E.1, WG163.9,  WG164,  WG165 24v Li-ion,  WG166,  WG167,  WG169, WG169E, WG169E.2  WG175 

Small spool cover with a diameter of 5.5cm (Approx 2 1/4")

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Gardening Tip: Changing your line at the start of the season makes trimming the garden easier. All trimmer line degrades over time and using new line offers greater flexibility and resilience, which results in less line breakages.

Supplied by ALM Manufacturing UK