Low Noise Helicoidal Grass Trimmer Cutting Line Bosch, Black & Decker Reflex, Flymo Twin Feed, WORX, McGregor, 1.5mm Thick, 25 Metres, Tangle Free, Easy Dispense Pack, Reload Your Old Spool

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ALM Low Noise Helicoidal 1.5mm Thick Grass Trimmer Cutting  Line To Fit Bosch, Black & Decker, Flymo Twin Feed, Worx, McGregor Cordless Garden Strimmers, Plus Many Other Brands.

ALM's helicoidal trimmer line offers the same cutting performance of round trimmer line but with added benefit of a lower noise level during use. If your empty spool is in good condition, then why not reload it with this high quality line, typical length would be 2.5m, so this 25 metre long pack would give you the equivalent of 10 spools!

Suitable for ALL electric grass trimmers supplied with this line size including Bosch, Black & Decker Reflex, Flymo Twin Feed, Worx, McGregor, Big Bear, Garden Line, Qualcast... 

  • 1.5mm Thick Line (Low Noise Helicoidal)
  • 25 Metre Long Pack
  • Tangle free, easy dispense pack.
  • Reload your old spool.
  • Pull out required amount from the back of the pack.
  • For Medium Duty Electrics, 18V, 36V Lithium Cordless & Light Petrol Grass Trimmers
  • Suitable for Big Bear, Challenge, Flymo, Garden Line, MacAllister, McGregor, Powerplus, Qualcast, Titan, Wolf-Garten, Worx..Plus many other brands using 1.5mm thick trimmer line.
  • Twisted 'Helicoidal' line is quieter than conventional round line.

BLACK & DECKER Reflex Plus models GL650, GL660, GL670PC, GL670SPC, GL680, GL690, GL695

FLYMO Twin Feed


McGREGOR MCT1825 Argos catalogue number 760/6713, MCT2X1825 Argos catalogue number 758/9892 And MET2523 Corded Grass Trimmer Argos catalogue number 754/9540, MET3525, 3535

QUALCAST CGT18LA,  CGT18LA1,  CGT25 (105328), CGT36LA1 (327164) 36v   CGT183A,  CLGT1825D,  GT18 18 volt Cordless, YT7403-08, GTLi20, YT7403-8

HOMEBASE CGT183A, CGT25 (105328)

ATIKA   GTC250/18


BIG BEAR  BB1152KIT - 18v Lithium, BBE154GLM, BBI151GTM R09W13

CRAFTSMAN 071-71816 071-74324 071-74815

EARTHWISE 10" OPP00010 12" CST00012 CST12010 LST10012

ALDI GARDENLINE CGT18KL2 (ALDI article number 82626)

LUX 18LI / 25

MACALLISTER MATR14425 MGTP18Li (18v Lithium-Ion Cordless trimmer)

POWERPLUS POWDPG7540,  POWXG8010Li   Compares to: POWDPG7000, 110527, WTK-02, POWACG1142, 106368, 8139-740101


SUN JOE         JOO1009 TRJ600C Cordless Lithium-Ion Compares to TRJ601R3

WOLF GARTEN GTA700   Compares to: GTF700


WORX WG150E, WG151E 18v Li-ion Cordless WG150.1, WG150.2, WG150.3,  WG151, WG151E, WG151.5,  WG152,  WG154E, WG154E.9,  WG155, WG155.5, WG155E,  WG157E, WG157E.9,  WG160, WG160E,  WG163E 20v, WG163E.1, WG163.9,  WG164,  WG165 24v Li-ion,  WG166,  WG167,  WG169, WG169E, WG169E.2  WG175  WA0004, WA0006, WA0010 

XCEED EX36CGT 36v Li-Ion Cordless

Gardening Tip: Changing your line at the start of the season makes trimming the garden easier. All trimmer line degrades over time and using new line offers greater flexibility and resilience, which results in less line breakages.

Supplied by ALM Manufacturing UK - ALM Manufacture And Supply Many OEM'S, As Well As The Aftermarket

Model fitment

Adlus, Aldi, Alko, Argos, Asda, B&Q, Bahr, Big Bear, Black & Decker, Bosch, Caravan, CBE, Challenge, Challenge Xtreme, Champion, CMI, Craftsman, Diana, Draper, E-Flor, Ede, Einhell, Eiuromate, Farm & Garten, Ferritalia, Fleurelle, Florabest, Floraself, Flymo, Focus Basics, Gardena, Gardenline, Gardol, Garten Power, Gloria, Gold, Grass Hog, Grizzly, Grune Welle, Gutbrod, Hanseatic, Hitachi, Homebase, Homelite, Hurricane, Ikra, Ironside, JCB, John Deere, Kingcraft, Kinzo, Klipo, Lamborghini, Landxcape, Lidl, Lynx, Longbeach, MacAllister, McGregor, Mariechen, Marktkauf, McCulloch, Meistercraft, Mountfield, MTD, Neckermann, Nu-Tool, Obi, Okay, Ozito, Partner, Performance Power, Peugeot, Poulan, Power It, Powerbase, Power Devil, Praktiker, Qualcast, Rasant, Ryan, Ryobi, Sabo, Sears, Sebring, Snapper, Sovereign, Spear & Jackson, Stayer, Stiga, Stihl, SupaGarden, Supa-Trim, Swing, Taskforce, Tesco, Titan, Top Craft, Toro, Troy Bilt, Uniropa, Valex, Variolux, Viking, Walmart, weedeater, Wickes, Wizard, Wolf, Worx, Yard Man, Argus