Bosch Neff Siemens Oven Door Hinge Receiver Bearing Socket For Built In Cooker, HB, HBN & U Series, Sold In Pairs, Original Spare Parts

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Bosch Neff Siemens Oven Door Hinge Receiver Bearing Socket For Built In Cooker, HB, HBN & U Series, Sold In Pairs, Original Spare Parts

Replace your cooker's worn out / faulty hinge receiver /roller bearing with this genuine spare part from BOSCH. If you have replaced your oven door hinges and the door still doesn't quite close fully, then you almost certainly have worn out hinge receivers. Normally replaced from underneath and or by removing both sides of the oven to gain access. The oven will need to be pulled out if built in / integrated.

  • Pack of 2 Receivers Supplied
  • It is recommended that both receivers are changed at the same time.

Fits models:

BOSCH HBN3250GB/01 HBN3250GB/06 HBN3260GB/06 HBN430550B/02 HBN435AGB/01 HBN452BGB/01 HBN455BGB/01 HBN462AGB/01 HBN9051GB/01 HBN9150GB/01 HBN9151GB/06 HBN9152GB/01 HBN9153GB/01 HME8550GB/02 SMS6012GB/14 WFO2467GB/01 WTA4007GB/04 WTE84107GB/01 WTE86304GB/03 WTL5100GB/11, HBN3200GB/01 HBN3220GB/01 HBN3220GB/06 HBN3260GB/06 HBN410AGB/01 HBN410AGB/02 HBN410AGB/06 HBN412AGB/01 HBN412AGB/02 HBN412AGB/06 HBN430AGB/01 HBN432AGB/01 HBN450AGB/01 HBN450BGB/01 HBN452AGB/01 HBN452BGB/01 HBN456AGB/01 HBN456BGB/01 HBN462AGB/01 HBN466AGB/01 HBN9020GB/01 HBN9021GB/01 HBN9021GB/02 HBN9021GB/03 HBN9050GB/01 HBN9051GB/01 HBN9051GB/02 HBN9051GB/03 HBN9060GB/01 HBN9062GB/01 HBN9100GB/01 HBN9120GB/01 HBN9121GB/06 HBN9122GB/01 HBN9123GB/01 HBN9160GB/01 HBN9161GB/06 HBN9162GB/01 HBN9163GB/01

NEFF B1310N2GB/01 B1320N0GB/01 B1320N2GB/01 B1420B0GB/01 B1420W0GB/05 B1421B0GB/01 B1421N0GB/01 B1421N0GB/06 B1421N1GB/07 B1421N2GB/01 B1421N2GB/05 B1421S2GB/02 B1421W0GB/01 B1428C0GB/01 B1430B0GB/02 B1430B0GB/05 B1430K0GB/03 B1430N0GB/01 B1430N0GB/02 B1432N0GB/01 B1432N0GB/06 B1432N1GB/07 B1432N2GB/01 B1432W0GB/01 B1438K0GB/02 B1441B0GB/05 B1441W0GB/01 B1441W0GB/05 B1542B0GB/01 B1542N0GB/01 B1561N0/04 B1561N0GB/01 B1561N0GB/04 B1583N0GB/01 B1593N0GB/02 B1593N0GB/07 D8901N0GB/01 D9910N0GB/02 H7860N1GB/01 S4453N0GB/11 S5443X1GB/13 T2113N2EU/02 T2124N0EU/01 T2333N0EU/02 T2766N1/01 U1320W0GB/01 U1410B0GB/01 U1410W0GB/06 U1420B0GB/01 U1420N0GB/01 U1420W0GB/05 U1421B0GB/01 U1421B2GB/01 U1421N0GB/01 U1421N0GB/06 U1421N1GB/07 U1421N2GB/01 U1421W0GB/01 U1428K0GB/01 U1442N0GB/03 U1451N0GB/05 U1451S0GB/05 U1451W0GB/05 U1452N0GB/01 U1452N1GB/01 U1452N2GB/07 U1452N3GB/01 U1452N3GB/02, U1452N3GB/05 U1551B0GB/01 U1551N0GB/01 U1552N0GB/01 U1722N0GB/03, B1310B0GB/01 B1310N0GB/01 B1310N2GB/01 B1320N0GB/01 B1320N2GB/01 B1320N2GB/02 B1320N2GB/05 B1320S2GB/01 B1320S2GB/02 B1320W0GB/01 B1320W2GB/01 B1320W2GB/02 B1420B0GB/01 B1420B0GB/02 B1420B0GB/03 B1420B0GB/05 B1420N0/01 B1420N0/02 B1420N0/03 B1420S0/01 B1420S0/02 B1420W0GB/01 B1420W0GB/02 B1420W0GB/03 B1420W0GB/05 B1421B0GB/01 B1421B2GB/01 B1421B2GB/02 B1421S0GB/01 B1421S2GB/01 B1421S2GB/02 B1421W0GB/01 B1421W2GB/01 B1421W2GB/02 B1430B0GB/01 B1430B0GB/02 B1430B0GB/05 B1430C0GB/01 B1430C0GB/02 B1430K0GB/01 B1430K0GB/02 B1430K0GB/03 B1430U0GB/01 B1430U0GB/02 B1430V0GB/01 B1430V0GB/02 B1430W0GB/01 B1430W0GB/02 B1430W0GB/05 B1432A2GB/01 B1432A2GB/02  B1432B0GB/01  B1432B2GB/01  B1432B2GB/02  B1432S0GB/01  B1432S2GB/01  B1432S2GB/02  B1432W0GB/01  B1432W2GB/01  B1432W2GB/02  B1441B0GB/01  B1441B0GB/02  B1441B0GB/04  B1441B0GB/05  B1441W0GB/01  B1441W0GB/02  B1441W0GB/04  B1441W0GB/05  B1442N0FG/01  B1442N0FG/02  B1541S0/01  B1541W0/04  B1542B0GB/01  B1542B0GB/05  B1542S0GB/01  B1542S0GB/05  B1542W0GB/01  B1542W0GB/05  B1561B1GB/04  B1561N0/01  B1561N0/04  B1561W1GB/04  B1820W0GB/03  E1431N0/01  E1431N0/02  E1431N0/03  E1431N0/04  U1320B0GB/01  U1320N0GB/01  U1320N2GB/01  U1320N2GB/02  U1320W0GB/01  U1320W2GB/01  U1320W2GB/02  U1410B0GB/01  U1410B0GB/02  U1410B0GB/05  U1410B0GB/06  U1410W0GB/01  U1410W0GB/02  U1410W0GB/05  U1410W0GB/06  U1420B0GB/01  U1420B0GB/02  U1420B0GB/05  U1420C0GB/01  U1420H0GB/01  U1420K0GB/01  U1420U0GB/01  U1420V0GB/01  U1420W0GB/01  U1420W0GB/02  U1420W0GB/05  U1421B0GB/01  U1421B2GB/01  U1421B2GB/02  U1421S0GB/01  U1421S2GB/01  U1421S2GB/02  U1421W0GB/01  U1421W2GB/01  U1421W2GB/02  U1441B0GB/01  U1441S0GB/01  U1441W0GB/01  U1451B0GB/01  U1451B0GB/04  U1451B0GB/05  U1451S0GB/01  U1451S0GB/04  U1451S0GB/05  U1451W0GB/01  U1451W0GB/04  U1451W0GB/05  U1452B0GB/01  U1452B1GB/01  U1452B2GB/01  U1452S0GB/01  U1452S1GB/01  U1452S2GB/01  U1452W0GB/01  U1452W1GB/01  U1452W2GB/01  U1551B0GB/01  U1551W0GB/01  U1552B0GB/01  U1552B0GB/05  U1552W0GB/01  U1552W0GB/05  U1562B0GB/01  U1562B0GB/05  U1562B0GB00  U1562W0GB/01  U1562W0GB/05  U1562W0GB00

SIEMENS HB27054GB/01 HB27054GB/06 HB90554GB/01 HB90556GB/01 HB90565GB/06 HB91550GB/01 HB95050/01 HB96550GB/01 WM14S392GB/05

If you are unsure about compatibility or you don't see your model listed above, then please contact us and provide your full model Enr number (usually found on your instruction book or behind the door) and we will be happy to check for you. 


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