Air Fryer Element, Mini Convection Oven Tabletop Cooker Heating Element Replacement Halogen Lamp Heater Bulb Circled Glass, Suitable For 1200w to 1400w 240v Ovens Such as Cookshop, JML, Andrew James, Daewoo, Lewis's, Tower, Voche

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Mini Halogen Convection Oven Tabletop Cooker Heating Element Replacement Lamp

Replacement halogen bulb heating element for tabletop convection mini ovens. If your air fryer / mini oven is not heating up and only blowing cold, then you may have a blown or open circuit 'dead' halogen element, this universal replacement spare part from TD Spares will have your oven working like new again and save you buying new. 

PLEASE NOTE - The element comes with open ended connector wire leads which will need to be joined to your existing setup, so please don't throw away your old bulb until you receive the new one as you may also need to remove and reuse / attach your existing connecting plug, plenty of 'how to' videos on YouTube, if unsure, please seek advice from your local appliance engineer / electrician.


  • 1200w - 1400w watts
  • 220V-240Vac volts
  • Diameter of bulb is 15cm (5 7/8") Please check this!
  • Lead wires 20cm long
  • Fits most mini halogen ovens.

Suitable for select models from Cookshop, JML, Andrew James, Oypla, Voche, Sentik, Emperial, YGB, Shoze, XLY, XMYL, Durane, Kitchen Perfected, SQ Professional, Halowave, Livivo, SUNWEIHAOA, Taoke, Nutri Chef, Crystals, Beper, Robert Dyas, Schallen, Tower, Daewoo, Lewis's, ElectriQ, Lyyjiaju, Soomile, Tooltime, Qingtian, Goodmans, Ovation HT206 many others.