Ceramic Porcelain Terminal Block, 2 Way 15amp, Heating Element Wire Connector Suitable for Air Fryer, Electric Cooker Oven, Storage Heater Application, High Temperature Tolerant

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2 Way Ceramic Wire Connection Terminal Block Heating Element Wire Connector / Joiner

  • Designed For High Ambient Temperature Situations.
  • Suitable for Air Fryer, Electric Cookers & Ovens, Storage Heater
  • 2 Way 15A.
  • Screw Down Wire Connectors
  • Porcelain Terminal Block

Suitable for:

CREDA  models: 70204, 70214, 79331J, 79334J, 79335J, 79336, 79341J, 79344J, 79345J, 79351J, 79354J, 79355J, 79361J, 79364J, 79365J Plus other makes and models and applications.

Design of part supplied may differ from above image.