Qualcast Bosch AMR30 Lawnmower And Lawnraker Rubber Drive Belt Concorde XR25 XR30 XR35 RE25 RE30 RE35, 79 Teeth.

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Qualcast / Bosch Lawnmower and Lawnraker Rubber Drive Belt

For Lawnmowers and Lawnrakers with grassbox at the back mounted on the handles.

Fits models:

QUALCAST  RE25, RE25T, RE25X, RE30, RE30DL, RE30S, RE30T, RE30X, RE35, RE35DL, RE35S, RE35T, RE35X, XR25, XR30, XR35, System 250, System 300, System 350, CX30 Lawnraker E35, RE30

BOSCH Lawnraker ASM30, AMR30, AMRASM30

This belt has 79 teeth, you may want to check this. Lawnmowers and Lawnrakers with the grassbox mounted on the back.

Compares to T41945, T43506, T47169 and T44061, BQFO16T41945, F016T41945, F016T43506

Supplied by ALM Manufacturing UK

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