Push On Terminal 4.8mm Amp Tag Female High Quality, Suitable For Dyson On / Off Switch & Loudspeaker Applications, Quantity 10..

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Push On Terminal 4.8mm Amp Tag Female High Quality

  • Suitable For Dyson DC01 & DC03 On / Off Switch.
  • Loudspeaker Drive Unit Applications.
  • Electric Motors
  • Universal Applications.
  • 4.8mm

The Dyson DC01 & DC03 on /off switch uses this terminal. When replacing or cutting back the mains lead, a new terminal is required. Dyson part number: 903443-01

This small 4.8mm wide push on receptacle is also widely used in the audio industry for loudspeaker drive unit connections. Sometimes used in conjuction with the smaller 3.3mm version.

Connector, spade, receptacle, in line, crimp terminal, push on, uninsulated, 4.8 x 0.5mm,

Quantity 10

We also supply a High quality crimp tool for above.