Oven Door Seal Silicone Gasket Fits All Makes Of Cooker With 3 OR 4 Sided Seals, Cut To Custom Size, Hooks Into Each Corner, Suitable For Round Cornered Ovens Only, Replaces Most Obsolete Seals

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Universal Oven Door Seal Silicone Gasket Kit For Rounded Corner Ovens.*

This universal kit contains 2m of universal silicone gasket, so can be used as an ideal substitute for both 4-sided and 3-sided ("goalpost type") oven door seal replacements. The kit supplied includes 4 fixing pins and full fitting instructions.

  • 2m length.
  • Silicone Rubber.
  • Just Cut To Your Own Custom Sizes, 3 or 4 sided. 
  • Fitting instructions included.
  • Replaces most obsolete round cornered oven door seals.

*NOTE - Replacement for seal types that hook into a *SINGLE hole at each corner of the oven frame, comes with 4 seal joiners with built in mounting hook for each corner. Does not work on ovens that have two holes in each corner, pressed in seals or squared corners - please see alternatives tab above.