NINJA Air Fryer Thermal Fuse 184c deg Overheat Protector One Shot, Fusible Link TCO, Universal Pack Of 2, Also Other Brands Such As Cookshop, Tower, Daewoo, JML, Andrew James

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Air Fryer Thermal Fuse 184c deg Overheat Protector One Shot, Fusible Link TCO, Universal Pack Of 2

Manufacturers don't supply spare parts for their expensive and budget range of air fryers which means that when it 'dies' you have to chuck it on the tip and replace with new, not good for the environment. The good news is the most common cause of a dead air fryer is an open circuit thermal fuse, as shown above, which can easily be replaced and will get your air fryer up and running again. There are plenty of 'how to' videos on YouTube.

Rated for continuous operating currents up to 10 amps @ 250 VAC (15 amps @ 120 VAC), this 184c thermal fuse is applied to millions of appliances and personal care products each year, providing reliable back-up protection for temperature controlling thermostats and other over-temperature conditions.

These fusible links are used in many makes and models of air fryer, toaster and table top halogen ovens such as Cookshop, JML, Andrew James, Oypla, Voche, Sentik, Emperial, YGB, Shoze, XLY, XMYL, Durane, Kitchen Perfected, SQ Professional, Halowave, Livivo, SUNWEIHAOA, Taoke, Nutri Chef, Beper, Schallen, Tower, Daewoo, Lewis's, ElectriQ, Lyyjiaju, Soomile, Qingtian, Goodmans, Ninja, Breville, Lakeland, Cosori, Salter, Tefal, Proscenic, Instant Vortex, Cuisinart, Instant, Cookworks, Tower, Russell Hobbs, Philips, Power XL, Haier, Morphy Richards, Procook, Beko, Princess, Amazon Basics, Vitinni, Pro Breeze, VonShef

The price is for a packet of 2.

Not all thermal fuses are the same, please check the temperature rating on your existing fuse before ordering, or enter 'Microtemp' into our search bar to see all available values. Please contact us if you don't see your particular fuse rating or type and we will be happy to try and find for you.