McGregor MEH1533M Lawnmower Rubber Drive Belt For Hover Mower With 33cm Metal Blade, Argos code: 739/5134, Compares to: 5PJ427, 111239104, WOCSDX.26.PJ.F, Original Spare Parts

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McGregor Lawnmower Genuine Rubber Drive Belt, For Model MEH1533M*

If your McGregor lawnmower blades have stopped rotating but you can still hear the motor running, then you may have a broken or missing drive belt which can easily be replaced.

This 5 Rib Rubber Poly Vee Drive Belt Fits models:

MCGREGOR MEH1533M Lawnmower, Argos code: 739/5134

Original Belt  MS 5PJ427, 111239104, WOCSDX.26.PJ.F

*PLEASE NOTE - This belt is specifically for  model MEH1533M with 'M' at the end of model number, there was an alternative belt used on other 'MEH' models which was slightly longer and can be found here: TDQT0602

Genuine Original Spare Parts