MATRIX RT280-21 RT280-22 B1 Garden Strimmer Replacement Twin Spool & Line 2 x 3.5m Metre Length, 1.5mm Thick, For Grass Trimmer, Quality British Made ALM Spares

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Matrix Grass Trimmer Twin Spool & Line

Replacement Matrix garden strimmer twin spool with factory fitted 2 x 3.5m long 1.5mm thick cutting line.

Fits models:

MATRIX RT280-21 RT280-22 B1

Supplied with:

  • 1.5mm trimmer line
  • 2 x 3.5m length
  • Twin Cutting Line

Gardening Tip: Changing your line at the start of the season makes trimming the garden easier. All trimmer line degrades over time and using new line offers greater flexibility and resilience, which results in less line breakages.

Supplied by ALM Manufacturing UK