Karcher Pressure Washer Motor Start Run Capacitor 25uf, Original Spare Parts

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Karcher Pressure Washer Motor Capacitor 25uf, Original Spare Parts

If your Karcher pressure washer motor is just buzzing / humming, then you may have a faulty capacitor. 

  • Value 25uf (microfarad) Genuine Part
  • With 2 Push On Spade Connections
  • Original Spare Parts

Fits models:

KARCHER HD 5/11 C, K 3.99M PL, K 5.450, HDR 5/11 U, K 3.99M plus-wb, K 5.50 mh, HDR 5/11 UX, K 3.99MD PL (HB), K 5.50M Plus, K 3, K 300 B, K 5.55M PL RWB, K 3.440, K 300M, K 5.60M Plus, K 3.450 (1.601-770.0), K 300M Plus, K 5.68MD Plus, K 3.460, K 300M plus-tv, K 5.86M, K 3.500, K 300m-p -hornbach, K 5.91M, K 3.500 car kit. K 4, K 550 ms TV, K 3.500 DR150, K 4 Home, K 550MB, K 3.540, K 4 premium Home, K 6.75M pl-wb-, K 3.550, K 4.450, K 6.91M, K 3.550 Dr, K 4.600, K 855 HS, K 3.575 Jubilee, K 4.91M, K B 502, K 3.65 Jubilee, K 4.91MD Plus, K B 503. K 3.68MD Plus, K 4.97MD plus-wb, K B403 wb, K 3.86, K 4.99M Deluxe, K B802 C, K 3.91M, K 4.99M pl-wb am, K B9030 m-wb, K 3.91MD WRC, K 4.99Mh wb, KB 5050, K 3.960M Plus, K 420 mh, KB 6060, K 3.97M Deluxe, K 5.000M Plus, KB 6060 C, K 3.97MB pl-wb, K 5.140 m Deluxe, KB 9040ms wb.

Supplied by KARCHER