Hotpoint English Electric Creda Electra Washing Machine Tumble Dryer Door Latch Spring 17065E, 17071E, 9316, 9325, 9535W, 9536A, WM21W, WM29P

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Hotpoint  English Electric  Creda  Electra Washing Machine Tumble Dryer Door Latch Spring

CREDA (GDA) 17027, 17028, 17029, 17030, 17037, 17038, 17039, 17040, 17041, 17043E, 17044E, 17047E, 17048, 17049, 17065E, 17071E, 17072E, 17076**, 17077, 17078, 17079**, 17080, 17081, 17083E, 17084E**, 17085, 17086**, 17087**, 17088G**, 17094E, 17095E, 17096E**, 17176, 17343E, 17345E

ELECTRA 17050E, 17051, 17052, 17053E, 17054E, 17055, 17055E, 17056, 17057E**, 17058E, 17059E, 17091B, 17092B, 17093B, 17339, 17340E

GALA 1011P, 1019P


HOTPOINT 9506W, 9515A, 9515W, 9516A, 9516P, 9516W, 9517P, 9517W, 9518P, 9518W, 9525A, 9525W, 9525WE, 9526A, 9526P, 9526W, 9527A, 9527P, 9527W, 9528A, 9528P, 9528W, 9529A, 9529P, 9529W, 9535A, 9535P, 9535W, 9536A, 9536P, 9536PX, 9536W, 9536WX, 9537A, 9537P, 9537W, 9538A, 9538P, 9538W, 9539A, 9539P, 9539W, 9572W, 9573W, 9574P, 9574W, 9575W, 9576W, 9577A, 9577P, 9577W, 9578P, 9770P, 9773P, 9774P, 9775A, 9775W, 9776A, 9776P, 9777P, 9916P, 9916W, 9925A, 9925P, 9925W, 9926A, 9926P, 9926W, 9935A, 9935P, 9935W, 9936A, 9936P, 9936W, 9970A, 9970W, 9971A, 9971W, WD21P, WD23A, WD23P, WD23W, WD31A, WD31P, WD31W, WD32A, WD32P, WD32W, WM11P, WM11W, WM19P, WM21P, WM21W, WM29P

This spring is the thin type and is approx 1cm wide between the two coils if needing the thick wire spring use product code: lck1026