Hotpoint 6166 Creda H150E Energy Regulator / Simmerstat Single Circuit 41ER101C1P With Pilot Light Switch, Replaces Strix Or EGO, Hotpoint Belling Creda Electric Cookers & Hobs, Bain Marie Catering

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Diamond H Energy Regulator / Simmerstat Single Circuit  41ER101C1P With Pilot Light Switch, Replaces *Strix Regulator.

  • 41ER101CP Single pole with signal contacts
  • Thermal Contacts P1-2 13.5A 240V AC max - resistive 7A 400V AC max - resistive Tungsten Halogen (ballast load) 1960W 240V AC max
  • Signal Contacts P2-4 E41ER types 0.1A 400V AC max - resistive
  • Other Features
  • Temperature Rating 125°C max continuous rating Controls are ambient compensated
  • Terminations 6.3mm push-on type
  • Indexing OFF position & FULL ON position
  • Mounting:    Two screw fixing - 2 x M4 screws at 28mm
  • Used on electric cookers, hobs, bain marie plus many other applications.

*Strix company have now ceased production on all simmerstats to concentrate more on small kitchen appliance controls, there will however, be an alternative available form either Diamond H or E.G.O

Used on the following models of electric cookers & halogen hobs:

CREDA H151EW, 42251, 42255, 42296, 42354, 42355, 42356 MK2, 42358, 42359, 42387, 42397, 42398, 42399, EL50ES, H150EE, H150EG, H150EI, H150EW, M150EG, M150EI, M150EK, M150EM, M150EW, M152EG, M152EI, M152EW, M350EGS, M350EIS, M350EKS, M350EMS, M350EWS, X153EK, X153ES, X153EW, X155EK, X155EW, X156EK, X156ES, X156EW Solarglow

HOTPOINT 5TCCK, 5TCCW, C150EWH, C220EC, C220ECH, C220EW, C220EWH, EW23ECH, EW23EWH, EW24ECH, EW24EWH, H050EWH, H150EWH, H151EWH, X153EKH, X153ESH, X153EWH, X156EWH, EG32N, EG32P, EG32S, EW22C, EW22P, EA50HB, 22251,  22253,  22257,  22259,  42251,  42253,  42255,  42257,  42259,  48148,  48149,  48171,  48172,  48173,  48174,  48175,  48176,  48177,  48178,  48179,  48180,  49127,  6166B,  6166P,  6344B,  6344P,  6373B,  6373P,  BE32, BE41B,  BE41P,  BE42P, BE71P,  BU61B,  BU61P,  EE50HB

INDESIT KD3CEW, KD3C1(W)/G, KD3C11(X)/G, KD3E1(W)/G, KD3E11(X)/G, KD3G11(X)/G

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