Flymo Cutting Blades For Microlite Lawnmower Replacement Plastic Cutters, Hover Vac, Mow 'n' Vac 28, Minimo, Pack Of 10

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Flymo Lawnmower Replacement Plastic Cutting Blades x 10

Fits models;

FLYMO Hovervac 28,  Hovervac 2800 (HV2800),  Hovervac 30 (2006-),  Hovervac Dual Handle,  Hover Vac 280 (HV280),  Microlite,  Minimo (2002-),  Mow N Vac 28 

Compares FLY014, 5138469-80/3, 5138469-00/1

Pack of 10 cutters supplied.

A New sharp blade will improve the look of the grass, and save wear on the lawnmower.

Steel blades should be checked regularly for signs of wear, damage and balance.

A blunt blade will harm the grass - an out of balance blade will harm the lawnmower.

Supplied by ALM Manufacturing UK