Fissler Pressure Cooker 18cm Lid Gasket Silicone Rubber Seal For Vitaquick, Vitavit Comfort, Edition & Premium Later Models, Original Spare Parts

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Fissler Pressure Cooker Silicone Lid Gasket 18cm Models.

Replacement 18cm silicone rubber gasket for select models of Fissler pressure cooker. Wash the silicone gasket before using it for the first time.

  • Replace after 1-2 years (approx every 400 cooking cycles).
  • Suitable for Fissler models:
  • Vitavit Comfort from 2009
  • Vitavit Premium from 2009
  • 600-000-18-795/0, 600-100-00-205
  • Actual seal sizes are: 18cm inside diameter, 21cm outside diameter.
  • For models produced with a silicone gasket do not use to replace rubber gasket models !
  • If your pressure cooker is older than the above and uses a rubber type gasket, then please see FSR1003

Replace parts that are subject to wear, such as the silicone gasket and other rubber parts regularly after you have cooked with it about 400 times, or after 2 years at the latest, with original Fissler replacement parts.

Parts that show visible damage (e.g. tears, discoloration or deformations) or that do not fit correctly must be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the functioning and safety of your pressure cooker could be affected.

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