Fissler Intensa Side Handle Grip Blue For 20cm Casserole 2.3 Ltr, Stew Pot 3.2 Ltr, High Stew Pot 4.1 Ltr, High Saucepan 3.2 Ltr, Original Replacement Spare Parts

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Fissler Side Handle Grip, Blue, For 20cm Top Diameter Intensa Cook Pots

Replace damaged, cracked or worn out pot handle on your Fissler Intensa Cook Pot, fits 20cm diameter pot sizes, measured at the top of the pan.

Fits Intensa:

  • Casserole 2.3 Ltr
  • Stew Pot 3.2 Ltr
  • High Stew Pot 4.1 Ltr
  • High Saucepan 3.2 Ltr
  • Side / Pot Handle
  • Colour: Blue

Supplied By FISSLER