Fissler Frying Pan Safety Handle For Protect Alux Comfort All Sizes & Protect Alux Premium Deep, 20cm Only, Pans, Includes New Replacement Screw, Original Spare Parts

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Fissler Frying Pan Safety Handle 

Replace worn out, damaged or missing pot handle on your Blue Point pressure cooker with this genuine spare part from Fissler.


  • FISSLER Protect Alux Comfort 159-200-ø-100/0 159-203-ø-100/0, All Sizes
  • FISSLER Protect Alux Premium Deep 159-100-ø-100/0 159-103-ø-100/0, 20cm Models Only
  • Please note that the latest handle supplied does not feature the chrome tip, where fitted, and now has a black gloss finish.