Electric Fire And Plinth Fan Heater Rocker Switch On-Off, Single Pole 16A 240v AC, Rocker Switch With 2 Terminals 6.3mm

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Electric Fire And Fan Heater Rocker Switch On-Off / Heat Setting Switch, Single Pole

Suitable for select models of electric fire and fan heater from: Royal CozyFires, Dimplex, Suncrest, Sunhouse, Creative Fires, Creda, Adams, Berry, Belling, White Knight, Becosil, Bruno, Burley, Glen, Glen Dimplex, Glenlomond, Hurseal, Poole, Prilect, Tricity, Valor, New World, JRG, Unidare, Dunelm, Focal Point ...

  • Single Pole slimline rocker switch with 0 & I indicators.
  • 2 Tab Terminals 6.3mm
  • Current Rating Max 16A 240v AC
  • Dimensions:
  • Body Length: 28mm
  • Body Width:  11mm
  • Depth:  27mm (including terminals)
  • Panel Cut Out:  30mm x 11mm
  • Suitable for all voltages including; 12 volt, 24 volt, 120 volt and 240 volt.
  • Is also used in kitchen plinth and bathroom fan heaters and electric fires.
  • *NOTE - Please also check your push on spade terminals, loose fitted contacts can cause the switch to overheat and fail in a short space of time. If you do not replace or refit the tab terminals nice and tight, then the switch will burn out in a matter of months, if required, new push on terminals and fitting tool can be found by clicking on the 'Related Products' tab below


Model fitment

DIMPLEX BAR20 BFD20N BFD20R CHT20 CHT20LE CLB20R CST20 CVL20N JAZ20 JAZ20R LAG20 MON20 MON20W MZT20 MZT20BL PNC20 REC20R RIT20 SBN20 SBN20N SBN20R SHB20LC STS20 TNG20 TNG20R VER20W ZAM20, ADG20 (Series A - J)   ADG20BR (Series A - J)   Alderbury (ALB20)   ASN20 (Series A - J)   ASP20 (Series A)   ASP20 (Series B - J)   DAN20BR (Series C)   BKL20 (Series A - E)   CGN20 (Series A - E)   CGN20 (Series F Onwards)   CRT20AB (Series A)   CRT20BR (Series A)   CSD20 (Series A - E)   CSD20 (Series F)   CSD20 (Series G Onwards)   CSH20 (Series A - E)   CSH20 (Series F)   CSH20 (Series G Onwards)   CSN20 (Series A - E)   CSN20 (Series F)   Piermont (PMN20)   BBK20 (Series A - D)   BBK20 (Series E)   DNV20CH (Series A - C)   DNV20AB (Series A - C)   DNV20BL (Series A - C)   DNV20BR (Series A - C)   MFD20 (Series A)   OKT20 (Series A)   RDY20 (Series A - D)   RDY20 (Series E)   SCR20 (Series A)   TAH20 (Series A)   TAH20 (Series E)   WMR20 (Series A)   CAN20 (Series B)   CHB20CH (Series A - D)   CHB20CH (Series E)   CHB20BR (Series A - C)   CHB20BR (Series D)   CHB20BR (Series E)   CRA20 (Series A - B)   CRA20 (Series C Onwards)   EBY15BR MK2 (Series O - S)   EBY15CH MK2 (Series O - S)   FND20 (Series A)   FND20 (Series B - D)   HOL20 (Series A - H)   HTN20BL (Series A)   HTN20BL (Series B - C)   HTN20BL (Series D - E)   HTN20CH (Series A)   HTN20CH (Series B - C)   HTN20CH (Series D - E)   HTN20BR (Series A)   HTN20BR (Series B - C)   HTN20BR (Series D - E)   LIN20BR (Series A - B)   LIN20BR (Series C)   LXY15 (Series O)   Lulworth (LUL20)   MIL20 (Series A - C)   MIL20 (Series D)   NAV15P (Series A - B)   NAV15P (Series C)   OBS20 (Series A - D)   SIV20 (Series A)   SIV20 (Series B - C)   SP1 (Series A)   SP1 (Series B)   SP1 (Series C)   SP1 (Series D)   SP2 (Series A)   SP2 (Series B)   SP2 (Series C)   SP2 (Series D)   SP3 (Series A)   SP3 (Series B)   SP3 (Series C)   SP3 (Series D)   SP4 (Series A)   SP4 (Series B)   SP4 (Series C)   SP4 (Series D)   SP5   SP8 (Series A)   SP8 (Series B)   SP8 (Series C)   SP8 (Series D)   SP9 (Series A)   SP9 (Series B)   SP9 (Series C)   SP9 (Series D)   WHT20BR (Series A)   WHT20BR (Series B - C)   WHT20BR (Series D - F)   WHT20CH (Series A)   WHT20CH (Series B - C)   WHT20CH (Series D - F)   WIB20 (Series A - B)   WIB20 (Series C Onwards)   Yeominster (YEO20)   ELD20 (Series A)   ELD20 (Series B - D)   SP16   Casterbridge 3100   Casterbridge 3150   Limoges 3500   Limoges 3520   Limoges 3550   Limoges 3560   Limoges 3570   2550 (Series A - B)   2550 (Series C)   2650 (Series A - B)   2650 (Series C)   2700 (Series A - B)   2700 (Series C)   3000 (Series A - B) Verwood (FES20) / Ashurst (420LE) / Studio 842 / Studio 842S / Studio 843S / 852SE (Series A - C) / 852SE (Series D) / BFH24TB / Abbotsbury (ABB20) / HAR20 (Series A) / HAR20 (Series B) / 905 / 907 / 925 / 434 (Series A) / 437 (Series A) / 299 / 347