EGO Energy Regulator Simmerstat Single Circuit For Electric Hob & Cooker Heater Element Control, Type 50.57021.010, Ariston, Flavel, Rangemaster, Miele Original Spare Parts

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EGO Energy Regulator / Simmerstat Single Circuit Type 50.57021.010

This single circuit energy regulator by E.G.O is an original replacement spare part used on numerous makes and models of built in ovens, free standing cookers, range cooker & electric hobs by ARISTON, DIPLOMAT, HOTPOINT, INDESIT, LINCAT, MIELE, NEFF, DELONGHI, RANGEMASTER ... Plus Many More

  • Shaft / Spindle 23mm long - 6mm wide
  • Mounting holes 28mm apart, M4 Screws
  • 230v
  • 13amp
  • Please feel free to contact us with your model number if unsure about compatibility and we will be happy to check for you.

Supplied by E.G.O.

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ARISTON / HOTPOINT / INDESIT EW12C         EW12P         VL04S.1&.2     
317(BR)         317(SS)         317(WH)     318(BK)
318(GN)         318(WH)         DOV317/1(BR)     DOV317/1(SS)
DOV317/1(WH)     DOV317/1ICE     DOV318/1DBK     DOV318/1DGN
DOV318/1DWH     TC712&712/1     TC714&714/1     TC714/2
TC714/D(BK)     TC714/D(GN)     TC714/D(WH) 
BE52K         CEM645DX     CRM641DC     CRM641DC(T)
CRM641DX     E6002K         E6002W         E6002X
E600B         E600K         E600W         E600X
E6011         E6011X         E6014         E6014X
EC6011         EC6014         EX901X         GF941BX
IPV5         IPV6H         KM600(BK)     KM600(BR)
KM600(SS)     KM600(WH)     KM6002HBK     KM6002HBKGB
KM6002HBR     KM6002HBRGB     KM6002HIX     KM6002HIXGB
KM6002HWH     KM6002HWHGB     PH941MSTB     PH941MSTBGH
S910EB         S910EK         S910EW         S910EX 
S911EK         S911EX         S912E         VL04S
VL04S.1&.2     VL22S.1&.H     XP90K         XP90K.1

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Plus many other makes and models, please contact us if unsure and we will be happy to help.