Economy Fridge Freezer And Larder Fridge Service Thermostat Kit, Equivalent To VT9 K59-L1102

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Economy Universal Fridge Freezer / Larder Fridge Thermostat  Kit Compatible to VT9, K59 L1102- NOT FROST FREE.

Capillary Length 1150mm*. Comprises Service Replacement Thermostat For Temperature Control, Control Knob, Spade Terminals 6.3mm and Covers, Indicator Dial, Screws, Spire Clips and Nut.

Suitable For Fridge Freezers (NOT frost free) And Larder Fridges Without Icebox.

Not Suitable For Single Door Fridges With An Icebox. See- thf1003

Not Suitable For Frost Free, See- thf1004

*DO NOT CUT THE CAPILLARY TO SIZE, this contains a gas which activates the thermostat's switches, if it is damaged, then the thermostat will no longer work. If you find yourself with excess, then simply fold back or un ravel just enough to reach the evaporator. Keep the remaining exposed capillary away from any live contacts also. Original RANCO manufactured kit can be found here - thf1001ran