Cooker Door Glass Glue High Temperature +300c Silicone Rubber Sealant To Refit Your Oven Door Glass

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Silicone Rubber Sealant High Temperature Adhesive Glue Silcoset 158 75ML 300°c

For Securing Oven Cooker Door Glass Panels To Door Frame. Some oven manufacturers glue their door glass to the metal frame using this high temperature silicone sealant, rather than screws or metal brackets. If your inner door glass was glued to the underside of the frame, then it is quite common for it to break away under the stress of placing large roasting tins or casserole dishes on it. This glue is designed to refit your glass back to the frame and get your oven working safely again and with no loss of heat. Will also work on outer oven door glass and facia panels.

Silcoset Silicones have been used in critical aerospace and defense applications for 25 yrs. These acetoxy silicones remain flexible at high temperatures for prolonged periods of time.


Key Features

  • High temperature -60ºC to +300ºC
  • Aerospace and Defense approved
  • Good adhesion to many substrates
  • Silcoset Silicones have the following approvals:   AFS 1540B Rolls Royce MSRR 9146
  • Oven Glass Glue / Oven Door Glue
  • Colour Black
  • Application Bonding, Sealing
  • Package Size 75 ml
  • Package Type Tube
  • Minimum Operating Temperature -60°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature +300°C
  • Chemical Type Elastomer
  • Physical Properties High Temperature
  • Trade Name Silcoset 158
  • Cure Time 7 (25 °C) h
  • Product Form Paste
  • Operating Temperature Range -60 → + 300 °C