Chain Saw Chain Fits Saws With A 30cm (12") Bar And Chain With 44 Drive Links..

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Chain Saw Chain Fits Saws With A 30cm (12") Bar And Chain With 44 Drive Links*..

ALPINA - CASTOR 330, CX35, 380, CX40, Euro-35, Euro-40, 423, 432, 438, CX45, CP34S, Euro-45, P34, P34S, PR350, P360, P370, P390, TR350, ELECTRIC, E120, E130, E150, KS1400B, KS1500B, Elettra 160/170, Energy 1,6, Energy 1,8, High-Tech 1,6/1,8, Sinergy 35, Sinergy 40: BLACK & DECKER CS30, CS35, DN400, DN401, DN402, DN404, DN412, DN416, GK425, GK330, GK31 0, GK320, GK321, GK322, GK35, GK330, GK430/435/440, GK535, GK540, GK1440, GK1630T/35T/40T: EFCO OLEO-MAC DYNAMAC 134,135, 114E, 116E, 117E, 136, 140, 140S, 3oF, 35F, E140F, DY 17E, 233, 234, 244, 240, 335, 340, 930, 935DX/35X, E140F, E160F, E1700, E1900, OM'E200: McCULLOCH M1, M2, M2B, M4, M4B, M6, M6B, 474, 484, 735, CO, CALIFORNIN ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA 90, EAGER BEAVER, MAC120, MAC130, MM30, MM35, PM36, PM310, PM320, 330, 340, PM360, PM364, PM370, PM 38°, PM 47O, PM480, PM510, PM 40O, PM6, PM730, EMAC1040, PM484, MAC940, DAY,900, MINI MAC (all models), 3214/6, 3516/8, EB2,3 MacCat, PM394, PM494, MAC 930/935, Mac-Cat 839, Electromac, 1030,1035, Mac120, 14NS, EM16, 10, 12, 14, 16E: RYOBI 35B, CS36C, CS41, CSE330, CSE385CB, HC31, HC36, HC41, HCS31 , HCS36, CS-1530/1535/1540: STIHL 009, 010, 011, 018, 019fT, 020fT, 021/C, 023/C, 025/C, ElO, E14, E160, E180/CQT, MS200fT, MS190fT:

*This chain is - TYPE 2 The length is determined by the number of DRIVE LINKS (see below) this number is shown in the product description above. *We offer three types of chainsaw chain, each available in a number of different lengths to fit most chainsaws from ALL manufacturers. The three types of chain are shown below, BEFORE YOU ORDER! - please count your drive links and compare your old chain with the image below to determine whether your chain type matches product decription, TYPE 1, TYPE 2, or TYPE 3