Burco Manual Fill Water Boiler Temperature Control Thermostat & Knob Kit For 6mm Shaft, Single Pole 30c-103c Sensor 6mm x 83mm Capillary Length 840mm, BBU62443 Original Spare Parts

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Burco Water Boiler Temperature Control Thermostat & Knob Kit

  • Single Pole 30c-103c
  • Sensor Length 83mm
  • Capillary Length 840mm
  • Knob spindle size 6mm
  • Kit replaces the old 4.7mm knob and thermostat
  • 2 Hole screw fixing
  • 1 x thermostat & 1 x replacement knob

Fits Models:

BURCO C10T, C20T, C30T, U32, U34, U36, U42, U44, U46, U52, U54, U56 Manual Fill Water Boilers ...Plus other brands using the same fitting.

Supplied by BURCO