Britannia Range Cooker Oven Door Hinge And Door Seal Service Kit For Right Hand 40cm Small Oven, Consists Of A New Pair Of Door Hinges With 2 Matching Hinge Receivers, New Door Seal With Integrated Hooks And A 25w Oven Bulb With New Glass Lens Cover

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Britannia door hinge set and door seal service kit for the 40cm right hand oven on range cookers.

If your oven door is not closing or does not shut tight as it should, then it will leak hot air from around the sides, which also happens if you have a worn out door seal. Changing both the hinges and the seal eliminates this problem and gets your oven working more efficiently once again, saving energy also as the elements are not on as often.

Service Kit Includes:

  • 2 Hinges for 40cm Doors
  • 2 Hinge Receivers / Retainers / Rollers
  • 1 Door Seal With 6 Integrated Fixing Hooks
  • 1 25w Oven Bulb High Temperature 300c
  • 1 Oven Bulb Glass Lens Cover

Fits models:

BRITANNIA SI10T, SIE10T, SI-E10T-L-S SI-10T6, SI10T6LS, SI-10T6-L-S, SI-10X, SI-10TC-SLX-K,  SI-10T6-SLX-K , SI-E10TCL-CB, SI-E10TCL-CC, SI-E10TCL-BC, SI-E10TCL-GB, SI-E10TCL-GC, SIE10TCLCB, SIE10TCLCC, SIE10TCLBC, SIE10TCLGB, SIE10TCLGC, SI-E10T-SLX-K, SIE10TSLXK, SI-E10T-GRA-BR, PDL100FMP, PDW100FMP, PDF100FMP, PDN100FMP, PDE100MP, PDWE100MP, PDFE100MP, PDL100MP, PDNE100MP.  Only for models produced after 1997 with serial numbers from 9722001 - please check the above image.

PLEASE NOTE!! This kit is for models that were fitted with a complete 4 sided door seal and door hinges with a 'Double Hook' only. Please compare your old hinges with the above image as some early models used a 'Single Hook' type door hinge and a 3 sided door seal. We can supply alternative kits, so please contact us first if unsure about compatibility and we will be more than happy to help.

We are offering this service kit after some customer research which found that most people who bought hinges also found that they needed hinge retainers and a new door seal or vice versa, having to then place further orders later on and thus paying multiple P&P costs. We also include in the kit a new oven lamp and glass lens cover as these are also popular service items which finishes off the repair. These kits represent a saving of up to 15% on individually bought items.

If possible, please leave us your full model and serial number in the 'Additional Information' box at checkout and also tell us if your door is double or triple glazed, just so we can have a quick look at compatibility and contact you if necessary.

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