Britannia Ilve Grill Heating Element Support Bracket For Main Oven 60cm, Supports Both Inner & Outer Heater Elements, Original Spare Parts

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Britannia (iLVE) 60cm Oven Dual Grill / Oven Heater Element Support Bracket, Genuine Spare Part

The dual oven /grill heating element is made up of 2 sections, this support bracket holds up both elements at the top front of the oven.

  • Dual Grill Heating Element Support Rod.
  • Size: 46cm long

BRITANNIA ILVE OV200, OV-200, OV200SML, OV200NMP 200TLMP 200LMP 200NMP SI9T5, SI-9T5-CL-CC, SI9T, SI9TC, SI-E9T-SLX-C PDE90MP, SI9TB-GRA, SI9TBSS, SI-9TBSS, S1-9TB-SS SI-E9T, SICLSS9TF, SICLSSE9T, SI-DE10T-SS, SIDE10T, SI-E10TCL-CB, SI-E10TCL-CC, SI-E10TCL-BC, SI-E10TCL-GB, SI-E10TCL-GC, SIE10TCLCB, SIE10TCLCC, SIE10TCLBC, SIE10TCLGB, SIE10TCLGC, SI11XG, SI-11XG, D900, OV200 OVCLSS D900, OVD900, D900TLMP S19TF, SI10T6, SI-10T6, SI-10T6-SLX-K, SI10T6GRABR, SI-10T6-GRA-CH, SI-10T6-SL-S, BR-SI-10T6-L-S BR SI10T6LS PD1006MP, PDL1006MP, PDW1006MP, PDF1006MP, PDN1006MP, SI12TC6X2 (twin 60cm ovens) SI12T76X2, SI12T76X2SS, SI-6, SI6SS, SI-9IT, SI9T, SI9TF/SS, SI9TFGRA, SI9TFGRAGH, SI9TFSS, SICLSS9TF, SICLSSE9T, SID10T6SS, SIE9TSS, SI10TFRSS, SI-10TFR-SS, JPD100FMP BR-SI-10T6-L-S BRSI10T6LS PD1006MP, PDL100FMP, PDW100FMP, PDF100FMP, PDN100FMP, PDE100MP, PDWE100MP, PDFE100MP, PDL100MP, PDNE100MP, PDL906MP, PDW906MP, PDF906MP, PDN906MP, SI12T SI-12T SI-12TC6X2-SLX-S SI12TC6X2 (twin 60cm ovens) Classic Stainless Steel - SI-12TC6X2-CL-SC, Classic Graphite - SI-12TC6X2-CL-GC, Classic Cream - SI-12TC6X2-CL-CC, SI15T, SI-15TC7-SLX PL150FMP, PW150FMP, PF150FMP, PN150FMP SI-INE-10T SIINE10T PD-I100MP PTWI100MP, PTQI100MP, PTNI100MP Induction Range Cooker

ILVE 200TLMP, 200LMP, 200NMP 201WMP, 201LMP, 201NMP Built In Double Oven 600SPY 600WPY, 600CPY Built In Pyrolytic 60cm Oven 600WMP, 600LMP, 600CMP, KD1006MP, KD1006_MP Dual Fuel, PD1006MP, PDL1006MP, PDW1006MP, PDF1006MP, PDN1006MP, PL70MP PW70MP PF70MP PN70MP 70cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker, PTE100MP, PTWE100MP PTQE100MP PTNE100MP,  PDW100IE3, PDW100IDE3, PDW1006E3

Supplied by Britannia

If you are unsure about compatibility, then please contact us and provide your full model number (usually found on your instruction book or behind the door) and we will be happy to check for you.