BOSCH Power Tool Electric Motor Carbon Brushes For GWS Angle Grinder, Brush Size 6.3mm x 16mm x 22mm, Pack of 2 Supplied, Quality Replacement Spare Parts

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BOSCH Power Tool Electric Motor Carbon Brushes

High quality pair of electric motor carbon brushes suitable for various BOSCH power tools such as GWS Angle Grinder. If your motor only starts intermittantly or you have to give it a bit of knock to get it going, then you may have a worn out motor brush. Always change BOTH brushes at the same time!

  • Dimensions:  6.3mm x 16mm x 22mm
  • Complete with tails & spade terminals
  • Suitable for GWS Angle Grinder
  • Quality Replacement Spare Parts

NOTE- To ensure model fitment, please compare the cross section dimensions of one of your old brushes with the sizes given above, ignoring the length.