Bosch KDV29NW, KGV33NW Fridge Freezer Door Bottle Shelf / Tray, Original Spare Parts

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Bosch Fridge Freezer Door Bottle Shelf / Tray

Replace that cracked, broken or missing bottle shelf in your BOSCH fridge freezer with this genuine spare part. Replaces the bottom bottle tray on the door.

Fits Models:

BOSCH KDV29NW20/01, KDV29NW20/02, KDV29NW20/03, KDV29NW20/04, KDV29NW20/06, KDV29NW20/07, KGV33GW31/01, KGV33NL20/01, KGV33NL20/02, KGV33NW20/01, KGV33NW20/02, KGV33NW20/03, KGV33NW20/04, KGV33NW20/05, KGV33NW20/06, KGV33NW20/07, KGV33NW20/08, KGV33NW20G/01, KGV33NW20G/02, KGV33NW20G/03, KGV33NW20G/04, KGV33NW20G/06, KGV33NW20G/07, KGV33NW20G/08, KGV36NW20G, KGV36NW20G/07

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