AEG Electrolux Bosch Neff Siemens Oven Light Bulb 40W 300c E14 SES Screw In, For Built In And Free Standing Range Cookers, High Temperature Cooker Lamp With Large Round Glass, Original Spare Parts

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AEG Electrolux Bosch Neff Siemens Original Incandescent Oven Light Bulb 300º  40W 240v E14 Screw In Lamp

  • Product Benefit: Reliable operation when used in special lampholders at high oven temperatures (up to 300°C)
  • Application: Electrical and standard ovens, rotisseries, pizza ovens and similar places subject to high operating temperatures
  • Large round 'golf ball' type lamp glass (may be translucent)
  • 300º  temperature tolerance
  • Fitment: E14 SES (14mm diameter screw thread)
  • 40w (Watt)
  • 230v
  • Original Manufacturer's Part

supplied by ELECTROLUX

AEG P45, 210B-D FBI, 210B-W FBI, 3058B-D GB, 3058B-W GB, 305B-D GB, 305B-W GB, 310B-D GB, 310B-W GB, 312B-D GB, 312B-W GB, 320B-D GB, 320B-W GB, 5158B-D GB, 5158B-W GB, 515B-D GB, 515B-W GB, 520B-D GB, 520B-W GB, 5248B GB, 573V-W GB, 5858B GB, 7658B GB, 9908B GB, E 64 K, ES 50-W, MC DUO 675D, MC DUO 675W, 2003F-EW EURO, 2040B-D GB, 2040B-W GB, 3032B-B, 3032B-B GB, 3032B-D, 3032B-D GB, 3032B-W, 3040B-D GB, 3040B-W GB, 30480B-D GB, 30480B-W GB, 3050B-D GB, 3050B-W GB, 30580B-D GB, 30580B-W GB, 30581B-D, 30581B-D GB, 30581B-W, 30581B-W GB, 3120B-D GB, 3120B-W GB, 3121B-D, 3121B-W, 3200B-D GB, 3200B-W GB, 3201B-D, 3201B-M, 3201B-RG, 3201B-W, 3201F-D, 3201F-RG, 3201F-W, 32081B-D, 32081B-M, 32081B-RG, 32081B-W, 4001F-W, 4033V-EW EURO, 5003F-EW EURO, 5033V-EW EURO, 5051B-D, 5051B-W, 5132V-M, 5133V-M EURO, 5150B-D GB, 5150B-W GB, 5151B-D, 5151B-W, 51580B-D GB, 51580B-W GB, 51581B-D, 51581B-W, 5200B-D GB, 5200B-W GB, 5201B-B, 5201B-D, 5201B-W, 52081B-B, 52081B-D, 52081B-W, 5211V-D, 5211V-W, 5211V-W GB, 52381B-B, 52381B-D, 52381B-M, 52381B-W, 53080B-B GB, 53080B-D GB, 53080B-W GB, 53081B-D, 53081B-W, 5308B-B GB, 5308B-D GB, 5308B-W GB, 5401B-B, 5401B-D, 5401B-W, 54081B-B, 54081B-D, 54081B-W, 5730V-W GB, 5731V-W, 6433V-EW EURO, 76580B-B GB, 76580B-D GB, 76580B-W GB, 99080B-D GB, 99080B-W GB, B 4100-B EURO, B 4100-D EURO, B 4100-EW EURO, B 4100-M EURO, B 4130-B SKAND., B 4130-EW SKAND., B 4130-M SKAND., B 4140-B, B 4140-D, B 4140-EW, B 4140-M, B 6100-B EURO, B 6100-EW EURO, B2100-B, B2100-D, B2100-EW, B2100-M1, B2190-D, B2190-G, B2190-M1, B2190-W, B3100-B EURO, B3100-D EURO, B3100-EW EURO, B3100-M EURO, B4140-D, B4140-M2, B4140-W, B81005-A, B8140-B, B8140-D, B8140-M, B8140-P, B8140-W, B81405-M, B81405-W, C6033V-A EURO, 2003F-EW,  3032B-B,  3032B-D,  3032B-W,  30581B-D,  30581B-W,  3121B-D,  3121B-W,  3201B-D,  3201B-M,  3201B-RG,  3201B-W,  3201F-D,  3201F-RG,  3201F-W,  32081B-D,  32081B-M,  32081B-RG,  32081B-W,  4033V-EW,  5003F-EW,  5033V-EW,  5051B-D,  5051B-W,  5133V-M,  5151B-D,  5151B-W,  51581B-D,  51581B-W,  5201B-B,  5201B-D,  5201B-W,  52081B-B,  52081B-D,  52081B-W,  5211V-D,  5211V-W,  52381B-B,  52381B-D,  52381B-M,  52381B-W,  53081B-D,  53081B-W,  5401B-B,  5401B-D,  5401B-W,  54081B-B,  54081B-D,  54081B-W,  5731V-W,  6433V-EW,  B2100-B,  B2100-D,  B2100-EW,  B2100-M1,  B2190-D,  B2190-G,  B2190-M1,  B2190-W,  B3100-B,  B3100-D,  B3100-EW,  B3100-M,  B4100-B,  B4100-D,  B4100-EW,  B4100-M,  B4140-B,  B4140-D,  B4140-EW,  B4140-M,  B4140-M2,  B4140-W,  B6100-B,  B6100-EW,  B81005-A,  B81405-M,  B81405-W,  C6033V-A,  COMP.,  COMP. 3058B-D GB (61157791300),  COMP. 3058B-W GB (61157791400),  COMP. 305B-D GB (61157595500),  COMP. 305B-W GB (61157595600),  COMP. 312B-D GB (61157595700),  COMP. 312B-W GB (61157595800),  COMP. 320B-D GB (61157595900),  COMP. 320B-W GB (61157596000),  COMP. 5158B-D GB (61157791800),  COMP. 5158B-W GB (61157791700),  COMP. 515B-D GB (61157596100),  COMP. 515B-W GB (61157596200),  COMP. 520B-D GB (61157596400),  COMP. 520B-W GB (61157596300),  COMP. 573V-W GB (61125194400),  COMP. ES 50-W (61141005700),  COMP.2040B-DGB,  COMP.2040B-WGB,  COMP.210B-D,  COMP.210B-D FBI (61157590100),  COMP.210B-DFBI,  COMP.210B-W,  COMP.210B-W FBI (61157590200),  COMP.210B-WFBI,  COMP.3032B-BGB,  COMP.3032B-DGB,  COMP.3040B-DGB,  COMP.3040B-WGB,  COMP.30480B-DGB,  COMP.30480B-WGB,  COMP.3050B-DGB,  COMP.3050B-WGB,  COMP.30580B-DGB,  COMP.30580B-WGB,  COMP.30581B-DGB,  COMP.30581B-WGB,  COMP.3058B-DGB,  COMP.3058B-WGB,  COMP.305B-DGB,  COMP.305B-WGB,  COMP.3120B-DGB,  COMP.3120B-WGB,  COMP.312B-DGB,  COMP.312B-WGB,  COMP.3200B-DGB,  COMP.3200B-WGB,  COMP.320B-DGB,  COMP.320B-WGB,  COMP.4001F-W,  COMP.5150B-DGB,  COMP.5150B-WGB,  COMP.51580B-DGB,  COMP.51580B-WGB,  COMP.5158B-DGB,  COMP.5158B-WGB,  COMP.515B-DGB,  COMP.515B-WGB,  COMP.5200B-DGB,  COMP.5200B-WGB,  COMP.520B-DGB,  COMP.520B-WGB,  COMP.5211V-WGB,  COMP.5248B,  COMP.5248B GB (61157791000),  COMP.5248BGB,  COMP.53080B-BGB,  COMP.53080B-DGB,  COMP.53080B-WGB,  COMP.5308B-BGB,  COMP.5308B-DGB,  COMP.5308B-WGB,  COMP.5730V-WGB,  COMP.573V-WGB,  COMP.5858B,  COMP.5858B GB (61157791200),  COMP.5858BGB,  COMP.76580B-BGB,  COMP.76580B-DGB,  COMP.76580B-WGB,  COMP.7658B,  COMP.7658B GB (61157790600),  COMP.7658BGB,  COMP.99080B-DGB,  COMP.99080B-WGB,  COMP.9908B,  COMP.9908B GB (61157790700),  COMP.9908BGB,  COMP.B8140-B,  COMP.B8140-D,  COMP.B8140-M,  COMP.B8140-P,  COMP.B8140-W,  COMP.ES50-W,  COMPETENCE,  COMPETENCE 310B-D GB (61157590400),  COMPETENCE 310B-W GB (61157590300),  COMPETENCE 520B-D GB (61157590900),  COMPETENCE 520B-W GB (61157591000),  COMPETENCE 573V-W GB (61125191900),  COMPETENCE310B-D,  COMPETENCE310B-W,  COMPETENCE5132V-M,  COMPETENCE520B-D,  COMPETENCE520B-W,  COMPETENCE573V-W,  E,  E 64 K (61141603800),  E64K,  MC,  MC DUO 675D (61187615000),  MC DUO 675W (61187665000),  MCDUO675D,  MCDUO675W

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WFL2260UK/04, BOSCH WFLI2440GB/05, BOSCH WFO2465GB/01, BOSCH WFO2466GB/05, BOSCH WFO2466GB/07, BOSCH WFO2860GB/01, BOSCH WFT2800GB/01, BOSCH WFT2806GB/13, BOSCH WFX2867GB/09, BOSCH WTA3100GB/01, BOSCH WTA3606GB/01, BOSCH WTA4007GB/02, BOSCH WTE84102GB/05, BOSCH WTE84102GB/07, BOSCH WTL5400GB/01, BOSCH WTL6304GB/02, BOSCH WTV74103GB/0

NEFF B1320B2GB03/ B1320W0GB/01/ B1322N1GB/01, B1420BOGB01/ B1420B0GB/02 B1420W0GB03 B1420W0GB02 B1420B0GB/03 B1420W0GB/01 B1421W2GB01/ B1441BOGB04/ B1451N0GB01/ B1451N0GB05/ B1451N0GB07/ B1451N2GB01/ B1451N2GB05/ B1832N2GB02/ B1920BOGB02,  B46E74N0GB B46E74N0 GB01 U1320W2GB/01/ U1320W2GB/02/ U1320W2GB/03/ U1320B2GB/01 U1320B2GB/02 U1320B2GB/03 U1320S2GB/01 U1320S2GB/02 U1320S2GB/03 / U1322N1GB/10/ U1322N1GB/01 U1420NOGB01/ U1421NOGB01/ U1421NOGB06/ U1442NOGB01/ U1442NOGB03/ U1452B2GB01/ U1452W2GB01 / U1461N2GB01 V1421N2GB01, U1422B0GB/01   U1422B0GB/02   U1422B0GB/03   U1422B0GB/10   U1422N0GB/01   U1422N0GB/02   U1422N0GB/03   U1422N0GB/10   U1422S0GB/01   U1422S0GB/02   U1422S0GB/03   U1422S0GB/10   U1422W0GB/01   U1422W0GB/02   U1422W0GB/03 U1722N0GB/02  U1722N0GB/03  U1722N0GB/10  U1722S0GB/01 U1722S0GB/02 U1722S0GB/03 U1722S0GB/10 U1722W0GB/01 U1722W0GB/02 U1722W0GB/03 U1722W0GB/10, NEFF 1401-30-20(00), NEFF 1950-89-80(00), NEFF 195301215(00), NEFF 195301328(00), NEFF 195301332(00), NEFF 195301333(00), NEFF 195301410(00), NEFF 195301563(00), NEFF 195301565(00), NEFF 195301567(00), NEFF 195301570(00), NEFF 195301571(00), NEFF 195301575(00), NEFF 195301879(00), NEFF 195302009(00), NEFF 195302010(00), NEFF 195302011(00), NEFF 195302077(00), NEFF 195302078(00), NEFF 195302082(00), NEFF 195302217(00), NEFF 195302379(00), NEFF 195302527(00), NEFF 195302528(00), NEFF 195302536(00), NEFF 195302537(00), NEFF 195302538(00), NEFF 195302540(00), NEFF 195302890(00), NEFF 195302891(00), NEFF 195302892(00), NEFF 195302893(00), NEFF 195303169(00), NEFF 195303254(00), NEFF 195303324(00), NEFF 195303347(00), NEFF 195303831(00), NEFF 195303849(00), NEFF 195303855(00), NEFF 195303985(00), NEFF 195304875(00), NEFF 195304878(00), NEFF 195305011(00), NEFF 195305319(00), NEFF 195305774(00), NEFF 195305775(00), NEFF 195305776(00), NEFF 195305799(00), NEFF 195305801(00), NEFF 195306492(00), NEFF 195306919(00), NEFF 195306923(00), NEFF 195306924(00), NEFF 195306925(00), NEFF 195306926(00), NEFF 195307135(00), NEFF 195307136(00), NEFF 195307137(00), NEFF 195307140(00), NEFF 195307141(00), NEFF 195307142(00), NEFF 195307413(00), NEFF 195307430(00), NEFF 195308038(00), NEFF B1100B0GB/01, NEFF B1100W0GB/01, NEFF B1110B0GB/01, NEFF B1110W0GB/01, NEFF B1120F1GB/01, NEFF B1120F1GB/03, NEFF B1120W1GB/01, NEFF B1120W1GB/03, NEFF B1120W2GB/01, NEFF B1130W0GB/01, NEFF B1130W1GB/01, NEFF B1130W2GB/01, NEFF B1140B1GB/01, NEFF B1140N1GB/01, NEFF B1140W0GB/02, NEFF B1140W1GB/01, NEFF B1142N0GB/04, NEFF B1142N0GB/10, NEFF B1150G0GB/01, NEFF B1150G1GB/01, NEFF B1150W1GB/01, NEFF B1150W2GB/01, NEFF B1310B0GB/01, NEFF B1310N0GB/01, NEFF B1310N2GB/01, NEFF B1320A0GB/01, NEFF B1320B0GB/01, NEFF B1320N0GB/01, NEFF B1320N2GB/01, NEFF B1320N2GB/02, NEFF B1320N2GB/05, NEFF B1320W0GB/01, NEFF B1320W2GB/03, NEFF B1322N0/03, NEFF B1322N0GB/01, NEFF B1322N0GB/03, NEFF B1322N1GB/01, NEFF B1322S0GB/01, NEFF B1322S1GB/01, NEFF B1322W0GB/01, NEFF B1322W0GB/03, NEFF B1322W1GB/01, NEFF B1412N0GB/03, NEFF B1420B0GB/01, NEFF B1420B0GB/03, NEFF B1420B0GB/05, NEFF B1420N0/01, NEFF B1420W0GB/01, NEFF B1420W0GB/02, NEFF B1420W0GB/03, NEFF B1420W0GB/05, NEFF B1421B0GB/01, NEFF B1421B2GB/01, NEFF B1421B2GB/02, NEFF B1421N0GB/01, NEFF B1421N0GB/06, NEFF B1421N1GB/07, NEFF B1421N2GB/01, NEFF B1421N2GB/02, NEFF B1421N2GB/05, NEFF B1421S0GB/01, NEFF B1421S2GB/01, NEFF B1421S2GB/02, NEFF B1421W0GB/01, NEFF B1421W2GB/01, NEFF B1421W2GB/02, NEFF B1422A0/01, NEFF B1422B0GB/01, NEFF B1422B0GB/03, NEFF B1422C0GB/01, NEFF B1422C0GB/03, NEFF B1422E0GB/01, NEFF B1422E0GB/03, NEFF B1422N0/03, NEFF B1422N0GB/01, NEFF B1422N0GB/03, NEFF B1422N0GB/10, NEFF B1422S0GB/01, NEFF B1422S0GB/03, NEFF B1422S0GB/10, NEFF B1422W0GB/01, NEFF B1422W0GB/03, NEFF B1428C0GB/01, NEFF B1428C2GB/01, NEFF B1428K0GB/01, NEFF B1428V0GB/01, NEFF B1428V2GB/01, NEFF B1430B0GB/01, NEFF B1430B0GB/05, NEFF B1430C0GB/01, NEFF B1430C0GB/02, NEFF B1430K0GB/01, NEFF B1430K0GB/03, NEFF B1430N0GB/01, NEFF B1430N0GB/02, NEFF B1430U0GB/01, NEFF B1430U0GB/02, NEFF B1430V0GB/02, NEFF B1430W0GB/01, NEFF B1430W0GB/02, NEFF B1430W0GB/05, NEFF B1432A2GB/01, NEFF B1432A2GB/02, NEFF B1432B0GB/01, NEFF B1432B2GB/01, NEFF B1432B2GB/02, NEFF B1432N0GB/01, NEFF B1432N0GB/06, NEFF B1432N1GB/07, NEFF B1432N2GB/01, NEFF B1432N2GB/02, NEFF B1432N2GB/05, NEFF B1432S0GB/01, NEFF B1432S2GB/01, NEFF B1432S2GB/02, NEFF B1432W0GB/01, NEFF B1432W2GB/01, NEFF B1432W2GB/02, NEFF B1438C0GB/02, NEFF B1438K0GB/01, NEFF B1438K0GB/02, NEFF B1441B0GB/01, NEFF B1441B0GB/04, NEFF B1441B0GB/05, NEFF B1441W0GB/01, NEFF B1441W0GB/02, NEFF B1441W0GB/05, NEFF B1442B0GB/01, NEFF B1442B0GB/03, NEFF B1442B0GB/10, NEFF B1442N0GB/01, NEFF B1442N0GB/03, NEFF B1442N0GB/10, NEFF B1442S0GB/01, NEFF B1442S0GB/03, NEFF B1442S0GB/10, NEFF B1442W0GB/01, NEFF B1442W0GB/03, NEFF B1451B0GB/01, NEFF B1451B0GB/05, NEFF B1451B2GB/01, NEFF B1451N0GB/01, NEFF B1451N0GB/05, NEFF B1451N1GB/07, NEFF B1451N2GB/01, NEFF B1451N2GB/05, NEFF B1451S0GB/01, NEFF B1451S0GB/05, NEFF B1451S2GB/01, NEFF B1451W0GB/01, NEFF B1451W0GB/05, NEFF B1451W2GB/01, NEFF B1452N0/01, NEFF B1452N0EU/01, NEFF B1476N0GB/01, NEFF B1476N0GB/02, NEFF B1476N1GB/01, NEFF B1476N2GB/01, NEFF B1481S0/01, NEFF B1482N0FF/01, NEFF B1542B0GB/01, NEFF B1542B0GB/05, NEFF B1542N0GB/01, NEFF B1542S0GB/01, NEFF B1542S0GB/05, NEFF B1542W0GB/01, NEFF B1542W0GB/05, NEFF B1561N0GB/01, NEFF B1561N0GB/04, NEFF B1593N0GB/07, NEFF B1641A0GB/01, NEFF B1641N0GB/01, NEFF B1641N1GB/09, NEFF B1641N2GB/01, NEFF B1641S0GB/05, NEFF B1644N0GB/01, NEFF B1644N0GB/03, NEFF B1644S0GB/03, NEFF B1664N0GB/01, NEFF B1664N0GB/03, NEFF B1664N0GB/10, NEFF B1691N0GB/01, NEFF B1721N0GB/03, NEFF B1820B0GB/03, NEFF B1820N0GB/03, NEFF B1820W0GB/03, NEFF B1832N0GB/01, NEFF B1832N2GB/02, NEFF B1832N2GB/05, NEFF B1881N0GB/01, NEFF B1881N2GB/02, NEFF B1910W0GB/01, NEFF B1920B0GB/02, NEFF B1920W0GB/01, NEFF B1920W0GB/02, NEFF B1931W0GB/01, NEFF B4540N0EU/01, NEFF B4540S0FN/05, U15M52N3GB, B12S53N3GB, B12S53N3GB/01

SIEMENS HB28054/01 HB28054/02 HB28054/03 HB28054EU/01  HB28054EU/02 HB28054GB/02 HB28054IL/01 HB28054SK/01 HB28054SK/02 HB28054SK/03 HB28054GB/01 HB560550B/01 HB560750B/01 HB90455GB/01 HB90455GB/02 HB90455GB/03 HB90455GB/05 HB13M550B/01 HB91540GB01 HB91520GB01  HB131550B/01, HB48054GB/01, SIEMENS EH775001E/09, SIEMENS EH775501E/02, SIEMENS ET71850EU/02, SIEMENS ET75252EU/01, SIEMENS ET90754EU/01, SIEMENS HB12420GB/01, SIEMENS HB12420GB/03, SIEMENS HB12420GB/05, SIEMENS HB12420GB/06, SIEMENS HB12440GB/01, SIEMENS HB12450GB/02, SIEMENS HB12450GB/03, SIEMENS HB12450GB/04, SIEMENS HB12450GB/05, SIEMENS HB131250B/01, SIEMENS HB131550B/01, SIEMENS HB131650B/01, SIEMENS HB131650B/02, SIEMENS HB13M250B/01, SIEMENS HB13M250B/03, SIEMENS HB13M550B/01, SIEMENS HB13M550B/03, SIEMENS HB13M550B/10, SIEMENS HB13M650B/01, SIEMENS HB13M650B/03, SIEMENS HB13M650B/10, SIEMENS HB151550B/01, SIEMENS HB151550B/02, SIEMENS HB15M550B/01, SIEMENS HB15M550B/03, SIEMENS HB15M550B/10, SIEMENS HB15M650B/01, SIEMENS HB15N550B/03, SIEMENS HB15N650B/03, SIEMENS HB220454(00), SIEMENS HB25045/01, SIEMENS HB27044GB/01, SIEMENS HB27054GB/01, SIEMENS HB27054GB/06, SIEMENS HB28020GB/03, SIEMENS HB28024GB/01, SIEMENS HB28025GB/01, SIEMENS HB28044GB/01, SIEMENS HB28054GB/01, SIEMENS HB28054GB/02, SIEMENS HB28055GB/01, SIEMENS HB28064GB/01, SIEMENS HB28064GB/02, SIEMENS HB28065GB/01, SIEMENS HB28075GB/01, SIEMENS HB33040GB/02, SIEMENS HB34551GB/05, SIEMENS HB350054(00), SIEMENS HB352254/02, SIEMENS HB48055GB/01, SIEMENS HB48064GB/03, SIEMENS HB48074GB/01, SIEMENS HB48075GB/01, SIEMENS HB49555GB/01, SIEMENS HB49E74GB/01, SIEMENS HB530250B(00), SIEMENS HB530250B/01, SIEMENS HB530550B/01, SIEMENS HB530650B/01, SIEMENS HB530750B/01, SIEMENS HB53554GB/01, SIEMENS HB53564GB/01, HB13AB550B  HB55024GB/01, SIEMENS HB55024GB/02, SIEMENS HB55054GB/02, SIEMENS HB550550B/01, SIEMENS HB550550B/02, SIEMENS HB550650B/01, SIEMENS HB55M550B/01, SIEMENS HB55M550B/03, SIEMENS HB55M650B/01, SIEMENS HB55M650B/03, SIEMENS HB55NB550B/01, SIEMENS HB560550B/01, SIEMENS HB56L550B/01, SIEMENS HB56L750B/01, SIEMENS HB56M550B/01, SIEMENS HB56M550B/03, SIEMENS HB56M650B/01, SIEMENS HB56M750B/01, SIEMENS HB56N550B/03, SIEMENS HB56R550B/02, SIEMENS HB750550B/01, SIEMENS HB750550B/02, SIEMENS HB750550B/03, SIEMENS HB760250B/02, SIEMENS HB760550B/01, SIEMENS HB760550B/02, SIEMENS HB760650B/01, SIEMENS HB760650B/02, SIEMENS HB760750F/01, SIEMENS HB76L550B/01, SIEMENS HB76L550B/04, SIEMENS HB76L550B/05, SIEMENS HB76L750F/03, SIEMENS HB76R550B/01, SIEMENS HB76R550B/04, SIEMENS HB77L55GB/01, SIEMENS HB86K570B/01, SIEMENS HB86K581B/01, SIEMENS HB86K581B/04, SIEMENS HB86P570B/02, SIEMENS HB90354GB/01, SIEMENS HB904054(00), SIEMENS HB90455GB/05, SIEMENS HB90520GB/01, SIEMENS HB90520GB/02, SIEMENS HB90520GB/06, SIEMENS HB90524GB/01, SIEMENS HB90525GB/06, SIEMENS HB90544GB/01, SIEMENS HB90554GB/01, SIEMENS HB90555GB/06, SIEMENS HB90556GB/01, SIEMENS HB90557GB/01, SIEMENS HB90557GB/05, SIEMENS HB90564GB/01, SIEMENS HB90565GB/06, SIEMENS HB90566GB/01, SIEMENS HB90567GB/01, SIEMENS HB91520GB/01, SIEMENS HB91525GB/01, SIEMENS HB91526GB/01, SIEMENS HB91540GB/01, SIEMENS HB91550GB/01, SIEMENS HB91554GB/01, SIEMENS HB91554GB/06, SIEMENS HB91555GB/01, SIEMENS HB91564GB/01, SIEMENS HB91564GB/06, SIEMENS HB92220GB/02, SIEMENS HB92222GB/02, SIEMENS HB92242GB/01, SIEMENS HB96520GB/01, SIEMENS HB96540GB/01, SIEMENS HB96550GB/01, SIEMENS HF260054(00), SIEMENS HF26056GB/02, SIEMENS HF650254(00), SIEMENS HF74220GB/01, SIEMENS HF74240GB/02, SIEMENS HF75920GB/01, SIEMENS HF75920GB/02, SIEMENS HF75940GB/02, SIEMENS HF75950GB/01, SIEMENS HF75950GB/02, SIEMENS HF75960GB/01, SIEMENS HF75960GB/02, SIEMENS HF77021/01, SIEMENS HF87020FB/01, SIEMENS HF87920GB/02, SIEMENS HF87920GB/03, SIEMENS HF87921GB/02, SIEMENS HF87950/01, SIEMENS HF87950GB/01, SIEMENS HF87950GB/02, SIEMENS HF87950GB/03, SIEMENS HF87951GB/01, SIEMENS HF87951GB/02, SIEMENS HF87960GB/01, SIEMENS HF87960GB/03, SIEMENS HF87961GB/01, SIEMENS HF87961GB/02, SIEMENS HF87970GB/01, SIEMENS HF87970GB/02, SIEMENS HF87970GB/03, SIEMENS HF87971GB/02, SIEMENS HF87975GB/01, SIEMENS KG44U193GB/01, SIEMENS KG57U95/04, SIEMENS KG57U95/13, SIEMENS LB55560GB/04, SIEMENS LC45950GB/01, SIEMENS SE65E330GB/56, SIEMENS SL65M350GB/56, SIEMENS WK61420GB/13, SIEMENS WM21050GB/36, SIEMENS WTXL2400NL/01, HB48074GB/01 HB13MB521B/01, HB13MB521B/08, HB13MB521B/35, HB13MB521B/45, HB13MB521B/47


QUELLE 008.333,  QUELLE012.658,  QUELLE012.662,  QUELLE012.663,  QUELLE012.671,  QUELLE013.676,  QUELLE013.677,  QUELLE029.269,  QUELLE029.271

ELECTROLUX CH120BK, CH120X, CH60BK, CH90BK, EFC635X, EFC935X, NF4061, NF4065

ZANUSSI ZHC613X, ZHC700X/GB, ZHC913X, 661073160

CANNON 10100G,  10105G,  10140G,  10145G,  10190G,  10191G,  10195G,  10196G,  10210G,  10215G,  10240G,  10241G,  10245G,  10246G,  10280G,  10283G,  10285G,  1113201,  1113209,  1113214,  1113215,  1113224,  1113225,  1113231,  1113232,  1113239,  1113252,  1113253,  1113266,  1113267,  1113268,  1113269,  1113270,  1113271,  1113272,  1113273,  1113278,  1113279,  1113280,  1113281,  1113292,  1113293,  1113296,  1113297,  1113311,  1113312,  13237,  13238,  40040G,  40042G,  40045G,  40047G,  40100G,  40102G,  40105G,  40107G,  C1113237,  C1113238,  H13214,  H13215,  H13225,  H13238,  K1113209,  K1113214,  K1113215,  K1113224,  K1113225

CREDA 41401,  48255,  48257,  48338

HOTPOINT 29246 10100G,  10105G,  10140G,  10145G,  10190G,  10191G,  10195G,  10196G,  10210G,  10215G,  10240G,  10241G,  10245G,  10246G,  10280G,  10283G,  10285G,  1113201,  1113209,  1113214,  1113215,  1113224,  1113225,  1113231,  1113232,  1113239,  1113252,  1113253,  1113266,  1113267,  1113268,  1113269,  1113270,  1113271,  1113272,  1113273,  1113278,  1113279,  1113280,  1113281,  1113292,  1113293,  1113296,  1113297,  1113311,  1113312,  13237,  13238,  28255,  28257,  40040G,  40042G,  40045G,  40047G,  40100G,  40102G,  40105G,  40107G,  41401,  48255,  48257,  48338,  6105,  6105B,  6105P,  6110,  6110B,  6120,  61200,  6120B,  6120P,  6120W,  6121B,  6121P,  6122B,  6122P,  6130,  6130B,  6131,  6131B,  61320,  61330,  61340,  61350,  61360,  61370,  6140B,  6140P,  6142B,  6142P,  6152B,  6152P,  6180,  6180B,  6180P,  6180W,  6181B,  6181P,  6182B,  6182P,  6190B,  6190P,  6192B,  6192P,  6485B,  6555P,  6556B,  6556P,  6680B,  6680W,  C1113237,  C1113238,  H13214,  H13215,  H13225,  H13238,  K1113209,  K1113214,  K1113215,  K1113224,  K1113225 C00121525



SCHOLTES F2805E, F2806, F2860, F2860EL, F2864, F2865, F286E, F3686EL, F3805PELM, F3806, F3806EL, F386E, F4014, F4804E, F4804EX, F4805EL, F4805ELM, F4805ELX, F4806EL, F4806ELM, F4860, F4860EL, F4860ELM, F4864E, F4885EL, F4966ELM, F774E, F775E, F775EAUTO, FBM5, FBM6, FC114X, FC115X, FC116LARGE, FC116SMALL, FE46, FE46A/B/W/S, FE56, FE56IX/A/W, FE56TRAD, FG6GALBE, FIM5, FIM6, FIM9, FSL06, FSLO4EX, FTA5, FTA5TA, FTA6, FTB5, FTB5TW, FTB6

JACKSON 28255,  28257  057874