Suncrest, Dimplex Electric Fire Flicker Vane Spinners & Pins Kit, 1 Clockwise Spinner & 1 Anti-Clockwise Spinner, 2 Mounting Pins

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Electric Fire Flame Effect Spinners & Pins Kit, Includes 2 x Spinners & 2 x Pins

  • 1 x Flame Effect Spinner White Anti-Clockwise
  • 1 x Flame Effect Spinner Red Clockwise
  • 2 x Spinner Pins (pin, pivot, bearing)
  • Spinner Diameter 85mm (3 1/4")
  • The centre caps incorporate a small bearing insert which the mounting pins rotates on (not shown in photo)
  • Flicker vane

Suitable for the following makes and models:

Belling, Berry, Burley, Creative Fires, Creda, Suncrest, New World, Glen Dimplex GDC,  Dimplex Optima, Royal CozyFires, BF221, DRUMMOND (2109), ROSS (2113), BUCHANAN (2114), GLEN BARRA (2116), RIPLEY (2117), ASHBOURNE (2504), OPTIMA (314CHE), THEME (316CHE), RUSTIC (317LE), RUSTIC (317LGE), LYNDHURST 430RCE B LOG, ABBOTSBURY (ABB20), AILSA (2101), BERWICK (2107), BROCKENHURST (BRK20), CONWAY (2106), HARLECH (2105), PEMBROKE (2104), STRANRAER (2103), WARWICK (2108) and  YEOMINSTER (YEO20), Valor 809 AURA 2 ..this is not a complete list, your fire may use the same parts but may not be listed above.