Ruby Red Infrared Lamp Tungsten Halogen Bulb 1.5Kw 240Vac Suitable For Dimplex QXD1500, QXD3000, QXD4500 QX8900 Quartz Heater, Space Heating Element 64241530

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Ruby Red Infrared Lamp 1.5Kw Tungsten Halogen Bulb For Quartz Space Heaters 64241530

Replacement 1.5Kw ruby red quartz lamp suitable for the Dimplex QXD range of space heaters. Used in garage, workshop, live stock sheds, commercial premises, Cafés

Fit models:

DIMPLEX QXD1500 1.5Kw uses 1 of these lamps, QXD3000 3Kw uses 2 of these lamps, QXD4500 4.5Kw uses 3 of these lamps.

  • 1.5Kw, 1500 Watt
  • 240Vac
  • Tungsten Halogen Ruby Red
  • Length 346mm
  • Lead and Fork Terminals, SK15s
  • Lead Length 220mm
  • Type 64241530

Please note - before removing the new lamp(s) from its protective packing it is important to be aware that quartz lamps are fragile and must be handled with care at all times. Avoid touching the surface of the quartz sleeve with bare fingers. If the sleeve is accidentally touched remove the finger print with a soft cloth moistened with methylated spirit.