Royal Cozyfires C603R C603M Electric Fire Flame Blower Fan Motor, Original Spare Parts

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Royal CozyFires

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Ribbon Flame Blower Fan Motor For Royal Cozyfires Electric Fire*

If your electric fire's flame effect fan is making a grinding noise then this blower fan motor is most likely to be the cause. This unit has 2 x 6.3mm spade /tab terminals at one end of the fan assembly.

  • Crossflow / Tangential Motor
  • 230v 50Hz
  • Fan Length 195mm
  • Fan Diameter 30mm
  • End Frame 50mm x 48mm
  • Overall Length 260mm

Suitable for:

Royal Cozyfires C603R & C603M

*Please note - only suitable for models produced Before 11/2011 which have individual push on connectors / tab terminals on motor.

Supplied by ROYAL CozyFires

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