Qualcast MEB1640M RM40 Spare Rubber Drive Belt For Lawnmower With 15 3/4" (40cm) Metal Blade, Original Gates Micro V Drive Belt Size PJ432 170J 9 Rib, will replace a 9PJ436, where fitted.

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Qualcast Lawnmower Replacement Rubber Drive Belt, 9 Ribbed Belt Size 9PJ432* SEE NOTE!

If your Qualcast lawnmower blades have stopped rotating but you can still hear the motor running, then you may have a broken or missing drive belt which can easily be replaced. This belt will replace a 9PJ436, where fitted

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*PLEASE NOTE - This belt is a 432PJ with 9 ridges / ribs and will replace a 9PJ436 where fitted, please check your old belt before ordering as some models were produced with a longer belt size 490PJ, please click here or on 'Related Products' tab above for the alternative size belt.

Supplied by GATES