Pingi New Generation Dehumidifier Drying Bag 450 Grams..

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Pingi New Generation Dehumidifier Drying Bag 450 Grams.

Pingi The heavy duty variety of the Pingi bag. The larger absorption capacity (180cc per cycle)makes Pingi XL last even longer. Ideal for use in your car, boat or caravan.

Pingi basics Rechargeable in the microwave The Pingi moisture traps are easy to recharge in the microwave oven. When the patented indicator changes from blue to pink, full saturation has been reached and Pingi is ready to be recharged. Good for the environment and for your wallet. Within a few minutes, Pingi is again ready for use. Once the product is full of moisture and needs recharging, the penguin indicator turns from blue to pink. Five minutes of heating in the microwave oven at ± 600 Watts and the retained moisture will hygienically evaporate from Pingi.