McCulloch MB340 Electric Garden Shredder Replacement Motor Start Run Capacitor 16uf, Fix Buzzing or Humming Motor Problem

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McCulloch MB340 Electric Garden Shredder Replacement 16uf (microfarad) Motor Start Run Capacitor, Fix Buzzing or Humming Motor Problem

If your garden shredder is not running but is just buzzing or making a humming noise, then you may have an open cicuit or dead motor capacitor, this is a common fault on shredders and does not usually mean that it requires a new motor, so it's worth trying a new capacitor on your shredder before you write it off! A good multimeter such as a Fluke with capacitance reading will also confirm this.

Suitable for models:

McCulloch MB340

Dimensions: 70mm x 40mm

Model fitment

McCulloch MB340