Indesit FIE56K Cannon C50LCIW C50GCSF Oven Lamp, Socket And 44mm Glass Lens Assembly Complete With Bulb, Also Fits Select Models From Ariston, Hotpoint, Original Spare Parts

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Hotpoint Cooker Lamp Socket And Glass Lens Assembly 44mm Diameter Which Includes A New 25w Oven Light Bulb

  • Complete With New 25w 300° Light Bulb.
  • Glass lens thread diameter = 44mm
  • Assembly fits into a 47mm diameter hole.
  • Ariston, Hotpoint, Indesit, Cannon...Plus other brands using a 44mm *screw thread diameter glass lens
  • *PLEASE NOTE - If you are buying this to replace the lens on a different brand of oven, then please check first the way your old lens is fitted to the lamp holder, as this will not replace a twist on or bayonet type glass.

  Supplied by HotpointIndesit


CX65E9XF     CG64SG1XIHA     C35G1XF     CP647GT     CP77SP2HA     CP648MT1     C14SG1WIHA     C3VM6WF     EW36G     HUE52P     HUE53P     HUE61X     50HEP     CH10750GF     60HGP     60HEG     CP65SP2HAS     CH60DTCFS     CG65SG3XUAHAS     C347GWP     C347GWI     C302EWSK     CP649MD     C3V10MWF     C247E3WI     C3V8PXU     EW12C     C348PT2WU     C3V8P2WU     C61SM2WT     C34SP4WU     C65SP1XAG     C35SP6XR     C3VM5XR     CX65SEAXI     CX66SP6AU     GW38X     EK50     C3VP6XRHA     CE6VM3WRHA     HL500E     C50GCIW1     C35SP6WUHA     GW74P     C50GCK     C60LCIW     C60DHKF     CX65SP2WNLHA     C34SG17XRUHA     C34SN17WRUHA     C340SG1XAG     CG65SG1XUAHA     DSC50S     CX640SZWTHA     CE6VE6XGRHA     CE60N1WEXS     C35SG1XFHAS     CX640SZ5XTHA     H6MMCAXFR     C14SG1XIHA     CE6VP5XGRHA     CG64SG1WFHA     CH10755GF     CH50GCIW     CH60DTXF     C34SG3WUAHA     CE6VM3ARHAS     CG64SG3WUAHAS     C345GWF     C347PXI     CP757GT     CP758MT2T     C303E3WF     C64SG1WI     C348PT2XU     C347GXR     C612SP6XT     C65SP4WR     C6VM3XR     C64SG3WR     C35SP6XU     C34SN1WR     C30N1WEX     CG64SG3WR     CG64G1BEX     CX66SP6AUHA     C50EKB     C312SP4XUHA     C35SP6XUHA     C60GCW     CPDO110XAUS     CD64V7WTKHA     61DGW     CX65SM2XAUS     C50GKWF     C34SG37XRUHA     CI3VP67XRUHA     CP770SG1AG     CX65SP1WIL     CX610STWTHA     CH60EKS     CI6VE97XRUHA     62DCBK     DCL08CB HUE52G     HUE52X     60HEP     CE6VM3WRS     C34SG3WRHAS     CE6VM3XRHAS     HAE51GS     CG64SG1WIHAS     CX65SP1WIHAS     CP6480MT2XF     CP649MT2T     C3V10M3WF     C348PTWU     J052EW     C65SP1XI     C64SP4WIL     C67SP6XNG     C64SM2WT     C60N1WEX     C64SNWT     C6VM3WR     C6VM3AR     C6VP1WSK     C34M3WU     C34SM5WR     C3VN1WR     CP649MT1     CE6VP5WGR     CX65SP4XR     CE6VM3AR     CX65SP1XAG     CX61SP6XT     CX64STXT     C90DPX     HW160EC     C50LCIW1    C50GCSF  C358EWH     C34SG1WRHA     CX65SP4WRHA     C60EKK     CE6VP6AUHA     CX61P6WFHA     C60DHW     C60DHK     C60DHS     C60ETC     C60ETX     C60GTC     CX65SP2XBHA     CX65SP1WBHA     CI3VP6XRHA     CX109SV6AAUS     C34SM57XRUHA     CG640SG1WAG     CI6VE97WRUHA     HUE53K     CG65SG5XUAHA     CE6VP5XGRHAS     62DGBK     H6TGC1EWFR     H6GVAGWTK     C3VM6XF     CX65SP1WI     CX65SP1WIHA     CX61P6WF     C14SG1WI     C61P6WF     C14SG1XI     C65P6XF     HUD61P     62DCW     CH10456GF     CH10756GF     CH60DHKF     CH60GCIS     CH60GTXF     CG64SG1XFHA     50HEG     CH60DTXFS     CP65SG1HAS     C34SG3XRHAS     CG65SG1WITHAH     C319MWF     C349PVXU     C3V9PWU     C3V9PWR     C349PWR     C347GWR     C302MWR     C345GWP     C325EWEX     C247GWI     C315EWEX     C3V9EWF     C347P2WI     C347P2XI     C346GTWF     C345EXU     C348PTXU     C348PVXU     EG600XT     C302E2WSK     CP648MT2B     C65G1WF     C349PV2XU     C3V9P2WU     C345E2XU     C3V7MXR     C64SP4XIL     C6VP6XT     C6VP4XR     C61ST6WT     C6VP6AU     C60P1WSK230     C120EW     C312SP6XU     C34M3XU     C64SG1WAG     C34SG1WR     C34SG3XR     C34SM5XR     C3VM5WR     C3VP6WR     CG64SG3XR     CX66SP6XAG     CX64ST6WT     HW160EW     C30N1WRHA     C34SG3WRHA     C34SM5WRHA     C34SN1WRHA     C3VP6WRHA     CG64SG3XRHA     C50GLS     CPDO902XNLHA     C34M3XUHA     CX61SP6XTHA     CX64SM2WTHA     C60DTC     C367EKH     C367EXH     C368EWH     C50GCS     C60GCIS     C50GCIS     CJ34SG5XRHA     CI65SE9XRHA     CI6VE9WRHA     HUL61X     C60GTCF     10450GF     C60DTCF     C60DTXF     CX65SE9WFHA     C34SM57WRUHA     C3VN17XRUHA     C340SM1XAG     CI65SE97WRUHA     C3BM6XFHA     C3BM6WFHA     CE6IE91XFHA     C34SG1WUAHA     CG64SG1WUAHA     C3VM5WUAHA     CH60DHSF     CM5V21XRFH     C31N1WEXS     DSC60SS     C35SP6WRHAS     C35SP6XRHAS     C35SP6XUAHAS     CM5GSI11XRF     CX64SP1WITHA     H6TMH6AGXTK     HAGL60P     CG64G1WFHA     CP758MT1     CG64SG1XI     CP77SG1HA     52TCW     CH60EKW     CH60ETX     CE60N1XEX     CE6VM3XRS     60HEPS     50HEGS     CG64SG1XIHAS     CX65S72XITHAH     C344GWP     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FD97C1EICE     HO87EF1EALU     HO87EF1EIX     HO502ALU     HB52AC1BK     HB50A1ALU     HB50A1BK     BS43W     BS43B     FB970C2EBK     FBCF04WH     FRG0BR     SC52VX     FQ611TI     FQ611OP     FQ871OP     BS73EX     H601ALU     H66V1IX     H87V1ALU     F601IX     HR502IX     HR502TIX     F52C2IX     SQ872T1     SC77EK     FCF05WH     FZ871IXNE     SQ661T1     SY56X     SQ872T     FQ101C1ICE     FQ76C2BK     SQ61I     SQ661I     FQ962C2ICE     FC862C2IX     AHP662X     H611BK     H611WH     FZGIX     FD99C1WH     FC1011IXHA     FZ962C2IXHA     FQ1011GRHA     FZ512IXHA     H611BKHA     H611WHHA     H611IXHA     FC1011IX60HZ     BS89EK     F861IXHA     DE89X     FQ1031ICEHA     FB23C1WHHA     FB831IXHA     DY46X2     F937C1IXHA     F937C1ANHA     FQ1037C1ICEHA     FB5321IXHA     FQ631BKHA     FH837CIXHA     BS53X1     FH51IXCN     FHGIX     FH21IXHA     7OFD610MRRUHA     7OFH837CBKRUHA     FH538BKHA     FB21A1IXHA     SH83X     7OFHGIXRUHA     7OFHRGOWRUHA     FK619JXHA     FK837JXHA     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HO102IX     HB50A1IX     HB10A1BK     S036EB     BS53X     BS63N     BS73X     HO87EF2ETDIX     FBCF04BK     FZ512IX     SD52K     S077EEK     H101IX     H601IX     H661IX     HR871IX     FZ97C1AN     FB512IXNE     CISHB50A1IX     F97C2BK     F97C2WH     F56C2IX     F562C2IX     FZ962C2IX     SC36EX     SC77EW     SE872X     BS63ET     FC1011IX     FQ1011ICE     FQ1011GR     HR86T1IX     FZ62C1IXCN     AHP66X     FD611CH     FD611MR     FC522VANHA     FD99C1WHHA     FZ62C1IXHA     FZ96C1IXHA     CISHB50A1IXHA     FB56C2IXTDHA     FB862IXHA     H661IXHA     FZ1011IX60HZ     F891IX     UE89X     UQ89I     AHP67X     FB52C1WHHA     FB52C1IXTDHA     FB99C1IXHA     FQ10301ICENEHA     FQ99C1WHHA     FB53C1IXTDHA     FZ93C1IXHA     AHP66X1     SY37W1     BD62SS2     F627C1ANHA     F63C1IXHA SY21K SY21W SY22K

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