Hoover U1100 U2334 U5096 Turbo Turbomaster Upright Vacuum Cleaner Motor Fan, Plastic, Original Spare Parts

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Hoover Turbo Turbomaster Upright Vacuum Cleaner Motor Fan, Plastic, Original Spare Parts

If you have no suction on your Hoover vacuum, then you may need this fan, these can become loose due to debris entering the fan chamber, this strips the plastic thread on the fan and the only solution is to replace it.

This is a genuine Hoover spare part and fits the following original models of the Turbo And Turbomaster:

HOOVER SPRITE U1412 TURBOPOWER U1100 U1101 U1102 U1220 U1221 U1222 U1290 U1400 U1426 U2194 U2195 U2196 U2197 U2198 U2332 U2334 U2336 U2382 U2402 U2404 U2406 U2408 U2446 U2448 U2452 U2560 U2561 U2562 U2566 U2568 U2570 Turbomaster Master U5080 U5096 U5120 U1100,  U1102,  U1218,  U1220,  U1220 TurboPower Soft Bag,  U1222,  U1222 TurboPower Soft Bag,  U1222E,  U1290,  U1290 TurboPower Soft Bag,  U1292,  U1294,  U1294 TurboPower Soft Bag,  U1296,  U1296 TurboPower Soft Bag,  U1298,  U1400,  U1400 TurboPower Soft Bag,  U1412,  U1426,  U1426 TurboPower Soft Bag,  U1436,  U1436 TurboPower Soft Bag,  U2194,  U2196,  U2198,  U2320,  U2332,  U2332 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2334,  U2334 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag Cord Reel,  U2336,  U2336 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag Cord Reel,  U2382,  U2406,  U2406 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2408,  U2408 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2527,  U2529,  U2534,  U2560,  U2560 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2562,  U2562 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag Cord Reel,  U2564,  U2566,  U2566 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2568,  U2568 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag Cord Reel,  U2570,  U2570 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2572,  U2572 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2574,  U2574 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag Cord Reel,  U2602,  U2602 TurboPower 1 Total System,  U2604,  U2604 TurboPower 1 Total System,  U2632,  U2634,  U2634 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2636,  U2636 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2638,  U2638 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2662,  U2662 TurboPower 1 Total System,  U2716,  U2716 TurboPower 1 Total System,  U2718,  U2718 TurboPower 1 Total System,  U2724,  U2724 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2798,  U2798 TurboPower 1 Total System,  U2806,  U2806 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2864,  U2864 TurboPower 1 Hard Bag,  U2866,  U2866 TurboPower 1 Total System,  U2872,  U2872 TurboPower 1 Total System,  U2877,  U4362,  U4362 TurboMaster,  U4527,  U4527 Turbolite,  U4529,  U4529 Turbolite,  U5078,  U5078 TurboMaster,  U5080,  U5080 TurboMaster,  U5094,  U5094 TurboMaster Total System,  U5096,  U5096 TurboMaster Total System,  U5120,  U5132

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