Fireglow Candle Flame Bulb Service Kit Includes 2 x SBC 25w 240v B15d Lamps, 2 Spinners And 2 Mounting Pins For Electric Fires

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Electric Fire Fuel 'Flame' Effect Bulb & Spinner Kit

If your fire has stopped producing its flame or coal effect, then this kit may be just what you need! This kit includes 2 new candle fireglow bulbs, 2 spinners and 2 bearing pins.

  • 2 x SBC (B15d) Candle 25w 240v Fireglow Flame Bulbs
  • 1 x Flame Effect Spinner White Anti-Clockwise
  • 1 x Flame Effect Spinner Red Clockwise
  • 2 x Spinner Pins (pin, pivot, bearing)
  • Spinner Diameter 85mm (3 1/4")