Dimplex BF9100 CAB20E SAL20E Suncrest 775 776 JRG 930 Electric Fire Bar Heater Heating Element, Infra Red, Silica Glass Tube, 220 240v 666 Watts 13 1/4" or 337mm (33.7cm) Long

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Electric Fire Bar Heater Element, Infra Red, Silica Glass Tube

  • 220 - 240v
  • 666 Watts - this is for ONE element, please see note*
  • Element coil inside glass tube terminated with flat end caps/ contacts.
  • Total length 13 1/4" Inches / 33.7cm (337mm)
  • *NOTE - Your fire may say '2120W, 2149W' ect, this is the total wattage of the 3 heating elements and other components added together.


Glen / Dimplex Optiflame CAB20E, CAB 20E, SAB20E, SAL20E, SAL 20E, WIN28E, WIN 28E, BF9100, BF 9100, 082614722 Richmond 2111

Suncrest 775, 776, 29742, 4804, F9100, BF9100

JRG Group JRG 930, JRG930

This is one of our most popular elements which was used on numerous makes of electric fire and not just the models listed above, so if your old unit matches the dimensions and specifications above, then this will fit.

If you are unsure about compatibility, then please contact us and we will be happy to check for you.