Britannia SI9TF GRABR Range Cooker ILVE H60CNV Control Knob Gas Hob, Brass Black, Genuine Spare Part

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Britannia / ILVE

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Britannia (iLVE) Range Cooker Gas Hob Control Selector Knob

Replace your broken cooker gas knob with this genuine spare part from Britannia. 

Gas Brass / Black selector knob for Classic & Majestic models.

  • Gas Selector Knob Hob Burner
  • Brass / Black
  • Classic & Majestic models
  • Genuine Spare Part
  • G/340/00/14, SPIG3400014, G3400014

BRITANNIA SI9TFGRABR (02020279) SIE10TMBBR, SI12TT6X2...Plus many others

ILVE H60CN H60CNV Milano Gas Hob

Full range of original Britannia spares available.

If you are unsure about compatibility, then please contact us and provide your full model number (usually found on your instruction book or behind the door) and we will be happy to check for you.

Original Britannia Spares