Britannia SI9T6 SIE9T, SI10T, SIE10T, SI10XG6 SI12TC6X2 Green Lens 10mm Diameter For Neon Light Indicator, Dynasty Models, Original Spare Parts

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Britannia / ILVE

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Britannia / ILVE Push In Green Lens For Neon Light Indicator, Dynasty Models, Original Spare Parts 10mm Diameter Across The Front*

Replace your Britannia cooker's missing or damaged green light indicator lens with this genuine spare part from Britannia.

Full range of original Britannia spares available.

BRITANNIA (iLVE) SI9T6 SIE9T, OV-900-TMP, OV900TMP, OV900. 900TMP, 900WMP, 900LMP, 900CMP SI10T, SIE10T, SI10T6, SI-10-XG6 SI12TC6X2 PDE100MP DYNASTY PDL100FMP, PDW100FMP, PDF100FMP, PDN100FMP, SI15T, SI-15TC7-SLX PL150FMP, PW150FMP, PF150FMP, PN150FMP, SI-INE-10T SIINE10T PD-I100MP Induction 201WMP, 201LMP, 201NMP Built In Double Oven

ILVE KD1006MP, KD1006_MP Dual Fuel, 700CMP, 700WMP, 700MP

*PLEASE Check size! the front of this lens measures 10mm (1cm) in diameter. Early models used a bigger lens.

If you are unsure about compatibility, then please contact us and provide your full model number (usually found on your instruction book or behind the door) and we will be happy to check for you.

Original Britannia Spares