BOSCH Power Tool Motor Carbon Brushes For GBS & GSB Series Electric Drill, Brush Size 5mm x 8mm x 19.4mm, Pack of 2 Supplied, Quality Replacement Spare Parts

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BOSCH Power Tool Electric Motor Carbon Brushes

High quality pair of electric motor carbon brushes suitable for various BOSCH power tools such as GBS & GSB Series Electric Drill. If your motor only starts intermittantly or you have to give it a bit of knock to get it going, then you may have a worn out motor brush. Always change BOTH brushes at the same time!

  • Dimensions:  5mm x 8mm x 19.4mm
  • Complete with tails & spade terminals
  • Suitable for GBS & GSB Series Electric Drill
  • Quality Replacement Spare Parts

NOTE- To ensure model fitment, please compare the cross section dimensions of one of your old brushes with the sizes given above, ignoring the length.