Bosch HBA13B150B01 HBA23B150 HBM13B150B HBN13M551B Main Oven Door Seal Rubber Gasket For Built In Single And Double Oven Integrated Cooker, Original Spare Parts

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Bosch Door Seal For Single And Double Built In Ovens

Replace your cooker's broken, damaged or missing oven door seal with this genuine spare part from Bosch . If your oven door does not seal, then heat will escape making cooking times longer and therefore use more energy.

Large / Main Oven Door Seal Gasket With Fixing Clips Attached.

Fits models:

BOSCH HBA13B150B/05 HBA13B150B/04 HBA13B150B/03 HBA13B150B/02 HBA13B150B/01 HBA13B150A/46 HBA13B150A/45 HBA13B150A/36 HBA13B150A/35 HBA13B150A/02 HBA13B150A/01 HBA23B150Z/01 HBA23B150Y/01 HBA23B150W/61 HBA23B150W/56 HBA23B150S/35 HBA23B150S/14 HBA23B150S/07 HBA23B150S/04 HBA23B150S/02 HBA23B150S/01 HBA23B150R/61 HBA23B150R/57 HBA23B150R/56 HBA23B150R/45 HBA23B150R/35 HBA23B150R/07 HBA23B150E/46 HBA23B150E/45 HBA23B150E/36 HBA23B150E/35 HBN131551B/02 HBN131551B/01 HBN131551A/01 HBN131550B/02 HBN131550B/01 HBM13B150B HBN13M551B/01 HBN13M551B/10

NEFF B12M42N0GB/01


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