300c Oven Light Bulb 15W E14 SES 240v, Lifetime 1000 Hours, Philips (Dr Fischer) Manufactured, OEM, Lamp For Built In Ovens, Range Cookers, Miele Tumble Dryer TDA150C, T494C, T8822C Original Spare Parts

Original part supplied by

Dr Fischer (Philips)

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This Philips oven lamp has been specially designed to operate at ambient temperatures up to 300c. They are fitted as an original part in the manufacture of many makes and models of cooker

  • 15w 300° light bulb for built in oven, free standing & range cookers, Himalayan Salt Rock Crystal Lamp, fridge freezers and Miele tumble dryer, T494C ..
  • 220 -240v
  • SES E14 Fitting (14mm Diameter thread)
  • QUALITY AND SAFETY GUARANTEE - The lamp is designed to comply with international standards (IEC) and with BS5971 for safety and interchangeability.
  • 2 built in safety fuses.
  • Average lifetime: 1000 hours. Dimensions: overall length 49mm
  • Original oven bulb as used by the following manufacturer's: Amica, AEG, Ariston, Antony Warrall Thompson, Bosch, Creda, Caple, De Dietrich, Delonghi, Electrolux, Fagor, Gaggenau, Hotpoint, Homark, Indesit, John Lewis, Kenwwod, Lincat, Lofra, Matura, Miele, Neff, New World, Teba, Teka, Tricity Bendix, Cannon, Hoover, Candy, Siemens, Whirlpool, Ignis, ILVE, Britannia, Beko, Belling, Servis, Smeg, Philips, Proline, Samsung, Cookers, Hygena, Diplomat, Brandt, Micromark, AGA, Atag, Balay, Bauknecht, Baumatic, CDA, Gorenje, Algor, Leisure, Rangemaster, Zanussi, Cuisina, Venini, Stoves, Jackson, Sarena, Maytag, Falcon, Zanker, Privileg, Blanco, Prima, Lamona, Normende, White Westinghouse, Blomberg, Fisher & Paykel many others.
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Original manufacturer's Part Supplied by Dr Fischer (formerly Philips lamp division)

Model fitment

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CYLINDA ARG470 G01, BZ14E (I), BZ14I PHILCO, CB380X, CB380X TEKA, CB380XM, CB380XM TEKA, CFF4ALUFIFT., CFF4BFIFTIES, CFF4RFIFTIES, CFF4YFIFTIES, CI345 SPAGNA, CM350.1 (E), CT965/1XL, FG106N, FG106W, FI280 TEKA, G1485, G1485X, G1585, G1585 S, G1585X, HJP24 NORD., HJP24E NORD., IFO0210 EUR., IFO0230S EUR, IFO0310 EUR., IFO0310S EUR, IFO0390S EUR, IFO0410 EUR., IFO0510 EUR., MASTER 202, NIV23 (F), NIV24 ECO, OVG105M U.K., OVG105W U.K., R4A STYLE, R4B STYLE, R4J STYLE, R4R STYLE, RB8550LGP, RX8550LGP, TKI210 C.E., TKI230 C.E., TKI240 C.E., TKI320 C.E., TTE13.2

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SMEG 101,  1196,  125,  160,  201,  5890,  A2-5,  D010PSS,  D04SS,  DOA4,  ID101,  ID102,  ID201,  SA20XMF,  SE336,  SP1196,  SP17,  SP18,  SP58,  SP800MF,  SP9000,  UK80,  UK80MFX1,  W125,  W125F,  W160,  W160F,  WH123,  WH123B,  a42,  se378, 01-200101     3C65MF     5873     6150B 01-200205     3C65MFV     6100B     6160B 01-206101     3C86XMTV     6100P     6161B 01-700101     3C86XMTVA     6101B     6161P 02-200101     4080     6101P     6170B 02-200205     4081     6115B     6170M 02-206101     4801     6115M     6170P 02-700101     516E37C     6115P     6171B 05-203105     5708     6116B     6171P 3860     5872     61250     617E47R, 7018     92120     A42-5     A42D-5 7018VGEI     92125     A42A     A42G 72MFX5     92150     A42A-2     ALFA100X 91110     A2     A42A-5     ALFA130X 91115     A25     A42B     ALFA132X 91120     A2A     A42C     ALFA20 91125     A2AD     A42C-2     ALFA20EB 91150     A2D     A42C-5     ALFA20I 92110     A42     A42D     ALFA31 92115     A42-2     A42D-2     ALFA31A, ALFA31B     ALFA31X     ALFA41F     ALFA41XEN ALFA31DA     ALFA31XA     ALFA41FR     ALFA50X ALFA31F     ALFA31XE     ALFA41N     ALFA51X ALFA31K     ALFA31XHT     ALFA41P     ALFA51XGN ALFA31N     ALFA40     ALFA41S     ALFA55X ALFA31P     ALFA41     ALFA41SAM     ALFA61X ALFA31S     ALFA41A     ALFA41T     ALPHA20GB ALFA31T     ALFA41AM     ALFA41V1     ALPHA20GX ALFA31V     ALFA41B     ALFA41VEK     ALPHA40GB ALFA31V1     ALFA41DA     ALFA41XE     ALPHA40GX, AP410X     CB65MF     CC62MFX5     CI60.8 AP420X     CB664MF     CD65MFX     CI65MF API664MF     CB664MF/A     CE64MFA     CI65MF/A B603MFV     CB664MFV     CE64MFX     CI65MFV B65     CB664MFVA     CE65MFA     CI65MFV/A B72MFX5     CB664MVDK     CE65MFX     CI65MFVDK BF16EMF     CBE65MF     CE66MFA     CI65MS BF16EMFEB     CBE664MF1     CE66MFA1     CI65MVDK1 CA65MFV     CBE664MFV     CE66MFX     CI65MVDK2 CB64MVDKA     CBE66MF     CE66MFX1     CI65MVDK3, CID65MFV     COVEN70     CS72NL-5     DO67CGS CID65MFV1     COVEN70-1     CSA20     DO8CSS-5 CIE631MF     CR610B     D0A1     DOA1W CIE65MF     CR610W     DO4BL     DOA2 CIE65MF/1     CR6EB     DO4BL-5     DOA2.1BWN CIE66MDK3     CS20FB     DO4SS     DOA2.1W CIE66MF     CS20NL     DO4SS-5     DOA2BR CIE66MFDK     CS20NLA     DO4WH     DOA2NBWN CIE66MS     CS72NL     DO67CAS     DOA2NW CL204     CS72NL2     DO67CCS     DOA2W, DOA2WH     EHC815EC     F65-5     FA67-5 DOM8BR     EHC815EC1     F67     FMS86 DOM8WH     ELPB1S000     F67.1     FMS87 DRY50V     EMC7060     F67-5     FS64MFX DUCO4SS     EMC7061     F67K     FS64MFXLP EBVC365BI     ENH7170     F815IF     FS66MFX ECM7060     F52EBMF     F88MF     H985B EH380MFB     F52MF     F88MFEB     H985X EHC7900EC     F53MF     FA65-5     HB3000 EHC815BIS     F53MFEB     FA67     HB30020, HB30040     ID201     KE2702B     NZ634ESS HS16EMF     ID201W     KE2702W     NZ634ESSP HS16EMFEB     IDOM8BWN     KF2800EBM     NZ634EW HS95     IDOM8W     KF2800MF     NZ634EWP HS95EB     IS2FVE7     N552MF     OA204W IC2FVE     IS3FVE     N552MFEB     Q2000DX ID101     IS3FVEW     N588MF     Q2000W ID101E     KE2180B     N588MFEB     RFF404 ID101EW     KE2180W     NG95     RFF404/1 ID101W     KE250X     NG96     RFF504, S1     S16AMFEEB     S18AMFENE     S360 S104X-5     S16EB     S18EB     S360EB S106X-5     S16MF     S18EBPA     S360X S106X-6     S16MFEB     S18EMF     S390 S10AXMF     S16MFEBPA     S18EMFEB     S390EB S10XMF     S16MFEI     S1EB     S395X S10XMF/1     S16MFPA     S200/1     S59AMFE S14MF     S18     S200EB/1     S59AMFEW S16     S18AMFE     S200X/1     S59MF S16AMFE     S18AMFEEB     S201X     S59MFEB, S6     S6NE     SA301X     SA385X S600     S800AMFB     SA305X     SA386W S600EB     S800AMFEB     SA360EB     SA386X S610MFEB     S800MF     SA360EB/1     SA386X-5 S610MFX     S800MFEB     SA360EB-5     SA390EB S626MFEB     SA1     SA360X     SA390NE S685MFEB     SA10XMF/1     SA360X/1     SA395X S6AEB     SA1EB     SA360X-5     SA410EB S6ANE     SA240X     SA365X     SA410EB-5 S6EB     SA240X-5     SA385EB     SA410X, SA410X-5     SA600     SA920MF/2     SC18MF SA415X     SA600/1     SA920MFA     SC18MFNE SA420EB     SA600EB     SA920MFA1     SC18MFW SA420EB-5     SA600EB/1     SA920MFEB     SC1W SA420X     SA62MFX5     SA920MFW1     SC6NE SA420X/1     SA702X-5     SA920MFW2     SC6W SA420X-5     SA704X-5     SA920MFW5     SC800MFW SA440X     SA850X/1     SC1     SDK250X SA504X     SA920MF     SC16MF     SDK380X-5 SA506X     SA920MF/1     SC16MFW     SDO10, SDO10-5     SE10XMF/1     SE336BL-5     SE390MFEB SDO8-5     SE335BL     SE336SS-5     SE600MF SE106EB     SE335BL-5     SE336WH-5     SE600MF1 SE106EB/1     SE335BR     SE376MFX5     SE600MFB1 SE106NE     SE335GR     SE378MF-5     SE600MFEB SE106NE/1     SE335SS     SE378MFB5     SE659B SE106X     SE335SS/1     SE378MFX5     SE6MFW SE106X/1     SE335SS-5     SE390MF     SE72MFX-5 SE106X-5     SE335WH     SE390MF1     SE73MFX-5 SE10XMF     SE335WH-5     SE390MFB1     SE783MF, SE783MF/1     SE784MFB1     SE800MFEB     SE900X SE783MF/2     SE784MFB2     SE800MFP     SE900X-5 SE783MFB1     SE784MFEB     SE800MFP5     SE95 SE783MFB2     SE784MFV1     SE800MFW     SE95EB SE783MFEB     SE800MF     SE820MF     SE95X SE783MFV1     SE800MF/1     SE820MF/1     SF1198MF SE783MFV2     SE800MFA     SE820MFB1     SF16EBMF SE784MF     SE800MFA5     SE820MFEB     SF16EMF SE784MF/1     SE800MFB1     SE900     SF16EMFEB SE784MF/2     SE800MFD     SE900-5     SF16MF, SF290MF     SF6EMF     SH785W     SI800MFV SF290MFEB     SF6EMFEB     SI800MEB5     SI800MFV5 SF52EBMF     SF800EBMF     SI800MF     SIL390EB SF52MF     SF800MF     SI800MF-5     SIL600EB SF59MF     SF800MF1     SI800MFA     SIL600NE SF59MFEB     SF800MFB1     SI800MFA5     SIL65BMF SF683MF     SF810MF     SI800MFB5     SIL65MF SF683MFEB     SF810MFEB     SI800MFEB     SIL65WMF SF684MF     SG4EM     SI800MFP     SIL65XMF SF684MFEB     SH785B     SI800MFP5     SM800MEB1, SM800MF     SM800MFV1     SP18MFB     SP610B SM800MF/1     SNZ360SS     SP18MFW     SP615B SM800MFA     SNZ360W     SP5000B     SP616MFW SM800MFA1     SNZ60MFSS     SP5000W     SP617MF SM800MFB     SNZ635SS     SP56VG     SP61B SM800MFB1     SNZ635W     SP56VGW     SP659B SM800MFEB     SNZ635WH     SP58VG     SP659W SM800MFP     SP16MFB     SP58VGW     SP680MFA SM800MFP1     SP16MFW     SP600MF     SP680MFA1 SM800MFV     SP18     SP600MFEB     SP680MFD, SP680MFD1     SP730MFB     SP7800D     SP9000B SP680MFG     SP730MFW     SP7800D/1     SP9000B.2 SP680MFG1     SP731B     SP7800G     SP9000B/1 SP680MFP     SP731W     SP7800G/1     SP9000BR SP680MFW     SP751MFB     SP7800P     SP9000BR1 SP680MFW1     SP751MFW     SP7800P/1     SP9000BR2 SP690B     SP761B     SP7800W     SP9000G SP690W     SP761W     SP7800W/1     SP9000G.2 SP710B     SP7800A     SP800MFD     SP9000G/1 SP710W     SP7800A/1     SP800MFW     SP9000W, SP9000W.2     SUK60CMFX     SUK62MFX5     UK60MFA1 SP9000W/1     SUK60MFA     SUK62MWH5     UK60MFX SP9000X     SUK60MFX     SUK65MF     UK60MFX1 SP9000X.2     SUK62CMFX     SUPERCOOK     V602MFV SP9000X/1     SUK62CMX5     T51333E     W160F SP958B     SUK62MBL5     UK60CMFA     W601MFV SUK160MB     SUK62MFA     UK60CMFA1     W610MFEB SUK160MCF     SUK62MFA5     UK60CMFX     W610MFX SUK160V     SUK62MFWH     UK2010X UK60CMFX1     W626MFEB SUK60CMFA     SUK62MFX     UK60MFA     W800MF, W800MFEB     WE800MFB1     WH223EIB     WI16MFEB WB688MFV     WE800MFEB     WH223EIW     WI18 WB68MF     WH104     WH223W     WI18EB WB68MF/A     WH104W     WH225     WI18EMF WE200/1     WH123     WH225W     WI18EMFEB WE200EB/1     WH123B     WH8124A     WI1EB WE200X/1     WH123W     WI1     WI360 WE65     WH204     WI14MF     WI360EB WE800MF     WH204W     WI160F1     WI360X WE800MF/1     WH223B     WI16MF     WI390, WI390EB     WI6     WI800MFEB     X604MFV WI395X     WI600     WIL65 WI59MF     WI600EB     WUK65MF WI59MFEB     WI800MF

RANGEMASTER PROFESSIONAL 110 5439, 5576, 5576, 5577, 5577, 5578, 5578, 5579, 5579, 5611, 5656, 5657, 5658, 5661, 5664, 5667, 5670, 5674, 5675, 5679, 5680, 5687, 5688, 5725, 5726, 5727, 5730, 5731, 5760, 5761, 5762, 5764, 5765, 5791, 5792, 5794, 5795, 5796, 5797, 5798, 5799, 5800, 5801, 5802, 5880, 5938, 5943, 5944, 6008, 6082, 6084, 6150, 6153, 6154, 6155, 6156, 6157, 6158, 6159, 6160, 6161, 6162, 6163, 6164, 6165, 6166, 6167, 6168, 6169, 6170, 6171, 6172, 6173, 6174, 6175, 6176, 6177, 6215, 6244, 6248, 6288, 6293, 6462, 6463, 6464, 6465, 6466, 6467, 6468, 6469, 6470, 6472, 6473, 6474, 6475, 6476, 6477, 6478, 6479, 6480, 6481, 6482, 6483, 6484, 6485, 6486, 6487, 6488, 6489, 6490, 6491, 6492, 6493, 6815, 6817, 6829, 6830, 6831, 6832, 6833, 6834, 6835, 6836, 6837, 6840, 7268, 7269, 7270, 7271, 7272, 7273, 7274, 7275, 7276, 7305, 7308, 7337, 7338, 7339, 7362, 7399, 7400, 7401, 7402, 7403, 7404, 7405, 7406, 7407, 7413, 7671, 7674, 7676, 7677, 7714, 7715, 7716, 7789, 7790, 7791, 7792, 7793, 7794, 7807, 7810, 7811, 7812, 7886, 7887, 7888, 7889, 7893, 7927, 7929, 7931, 7932, 7998, 8045, 8048, 8050, 8051, 8127, 8132, 8133, 8134, 8135, 8142, 8143, 8144, 8145, 8146, 8147, 8148, 8156, 8157, 8158, 8159, 8160, 8161, 8162, 8163, 8164, 8165, 8442, 8444, 8445, 8450, 8451, 8481, 8482, 8483, 8484, 8485, 8486, 8500, 8505, 8506, 8507, 8508, 8676, 8677, 8678, 8679, 8764, 8765, 8766, 8767, 8768, 8770, 8771, 8772, 8773, 8774, 5940, 5943, 5944, 6082, 6084, 6146, 6147, 6148, 6149, 6150, 6151, 6152, 6153, 6154, 6155, 6156, 6157, 6158, 6159, 6160, 6161, 6162, 6163, 6164, 6165, 6166, 6167, 6168, 6169, 6170, 6171, 6172, 6173, 6174, 6175, 6176, 6177, 6194, 6195, 6196, 6197, 6198, 6199, 6200, 6201, 6206, 6215, 6244, 6288, 6289, 6290, 6291, 6293, 6294, 6295, 6327, 6330, 6331, 6349, 6353, 6354, 6393, 6432, 6433, 6435, 6437, 6438, 6440, 6442, 6444, 6447, 6448, 6451, 6452, 6454, 6456, 6457, 6458, 6461, 6462, 6463, 6464, 6465, 6466, 6467, 6468, 6469, 6470, 6472, 6473, 6474, 6475, 6476, 6477, 6478, 6479, 6480, 6481, 6482, 6483, 6484, 6485, 6486, 6487, 6488, 6489, 6490, 6491, 6492, 6493, 6499, 6500, 6501, 6502, 6503, 6504, 6659, 6755, 6756, 6757, 6758, 6760, 6814, 6815, 6816, 6817, 6820, 6821, 6822, 6823, 6824, 6825, 6826, 6827, 6828, 6829, 6830, 6831, 6832, 6833, 6834, 6835, 6836, 6837, 6839, 6840, 6891, 6892, 6893, 6894, 6895, 6896, 6925, 6960, 6961, 6962, 6963, 6965, 7033, 7091, 7092, 7268, 7269, 7270, 7271, 7272, 7273, 7274, 7275, 7276, 7277, 7278, 7289, 7291, 7292, 7293, 7294, 7295, 7296, 7297, 7298, 7299, 7301, 7302, 7303, 7304, 7305, 7306, 7307, 7308, 7309, 7310, 7311, 7312, 7313, 7314, 7315, 7316, 7317, 7318, 7319, 7320, 7321, 7322, 7323, 7324, 7337, 7338, 7339, 7340, 7341, 7342, 7343, 7344, 7345, 7346, 7347, 7354, 7355, 7356, 7357, 7358, 7359, 7360, 7361, 7362, 7363, 7364, 7365, 7366, 7367, 7368, 7369, 7382, 7383, 7384, 7385, 7386, 7399, 7400, 7401, 7402, 7403, 7404, 7405, 7406, 7407, 7408, 7413, 7414, 7415, 7416, 7417, 7418, 7419, 7420, 7421, 7422, 7423, 7424, 7436, 7469, 7471, 7485, 7500, 7517, 7518, 7519, 7520, 7532, 7585, 7586, 7628, 7629, 7630, 7631, 7632, 7633, 7634, 7635, 7636, 7637, 7668, 7669, 7670, 7671, 7674, 7676, 7677, 7713, 7714, 7715, 7716, 7717, 7726, 7727, 7728, 7729, 7730, 7778, 7779, 7780, 7781, 7789, 7790, 7791, 7792, 7793, 7794, 7798, 7799, 7800, 7801, 7802, 7803, 7807, 7808, 7809, 7810, 7811, 7812, 7841, 7886, 7887, 7888, 7889, 7890, 7891, 7892, 7893, 7927, 7929, 7931, 7932, 7975, 7976, 7977, 7978, 7979, 7980, 7981, 7996, 7997, 7998, 8035, 8038, 8039, 8041, 8045, 8048, 8049, 8050, 8051, 8052, 8053, 8054, 8090, 8091, 8092, 8093, 8094, 8095, 8096, 8101, 8102, 8103, 8127, 8132, 8133, 8134, 8135, 8142, 8143, 8144, 8145, 8146, 8147, 8148, 8156, 8157, 8158, 8159, 8160, 8161, 8162, 8163, 8164, 8165, 8177, 8203, 8341, 8342, 8343, 8344, 8345, 8346, 8432, 8434, 8438, 8439, 8440, 8441, 8442, 8443, 8444, 8445, 8446, 8447, 8448, 8449, 8450, 8451, 8452, 8453, 8454, 8455, 8456, 8457, 8470, 8471, 8472, 8473, 8476, 8477, 8478, 8479, 8480, 8481, 8482, 8483, 8484, 8485, 8486, 8499, 8500, 8501, 8502, 8505, 8506, 8507, 8508, 8509, 8513, 8514, 8516, 8531, 8544, 8545, 8546, 8547, 8585, 8615, 8617, 8631, 8644, 8651, 8652, 8653, 8654, 8655, 8656, 8657, 8658, 8664, 8665, 8666, 8667, 8668, 8669, 8670, 8671, 8676, 8677, 8678, 8679, 8684, 8685, 8686, 8687, 8751, 8752, 8753, 8754, 8755, 8756, 8757, 8758, 8759, 8760, 8761, 8762, 8764, 8765, 8766, 8767, 8768, 8770, 8771, 8772, 8773, 8774, 8803, 8804, 8805, 8806, 8807, 8808, 8809, 8810, 8811, 8812, 8906, 8923, 8924, 8925, 8926, 9111, 9112, 9113, 9114, 9115, 9134, 9135, 9136, 9137, 9138, Victoriana Deluxe

ZEROWATT CO0200 ECO, CO0300 ECO, CO0400 ECO, HG394, HG3942AEXS, HG3942EC, HG394AXS, HG394C, RZC027.1 ECO, RZC032.1 ECO, RZC036.2 ECO, RZD028 ECO, RZSC027.1, RZSC032.1, RZSC036.2, RZSD028, ZA025 ECO, ZA025T ECO, ZA030 ECO, ZA250, ZA250T, ZA300, ZA302, ZC027.1 ECO, ZC027.1T ECO, ZC032.1 ECO, ZC032.2 ECO, ZC036.2 ECO, ZC036.2T ECO, ZC040.2 ECO, ZC827.1, ZC827.1T, ZC832.1, ZC832.2, ZC836.2, ZC836.2/S, ZC836.2T, ZCO200 UNI, ZCO300 UNI, ZCO400 UNI, ZD024 ECO, ZD024T ECO, ZD028 ECO, ZD028T ECO, ZD032NF ECO, ZD033 ECO, ZD033T ECO, ZD824, ZD824T, ZD828, ZD828T, ZD833, ZD833T, ZD932NF, ZD938NF, ZG154, ZG154AEXS, ZG154AS, ZG154AXS, ZG154C, ZG154E, ZG154EBUL, ZG154EX, ZG154S, ZG3941EX, ZG3942AEXS, ZG394AS, ZG394AXS, ZG395AS, ZG395AXS, ZSA021, ZSA025, ZSA030, ZSC027.1, ZSC027.1T, ZSC032.1, ZSC032.2, ZSC036.2, ZSC036.2T, ZSC040.2, ZSCP036.2, ZSD024, ZSD024T, ZSD028, ZSD028T, ZSD032NF, ZSD033, ZSD033T, ZSD400, ZSDP024, ZSDP028, ZSDP033 Ariston 1/3FVE, 4000F, 950T, 990T, A2010, A2011, A2011/1, A2012, BL04VE5UK, BL40G01., BL40G01B, BL40G5UK, BL40VE5UK, DOA1, DOA2, DOA2.1, DOM8, FG, FG274, FM21, FM272, FM27M, FM373FGB, FM374G, FM8F, FM8G, FS211, FS211GB.1, FV242DGB, FV271, FV4, FV8, I-F2, I/2FVE, I/F2UK, I/FE7, I/FEVE9, I/FEVE9., I/FEVE9F, I/FV4UK, I/FV7, I/FVE10, I/FVE9, I/FVE9(B), IC/F7, IC/FE7, IC/FEVE9, IC/FV7, IC/FV8, IC/FVE10, IC/FVE10(B), IC/FVE7, IC/FVE7SC, IC/FVE7SCB, IC/L04VE10, IC/L04VE10B, IC/L04VE7, IC/L04VE7B, IC/L04VE7SC, IC/L04VE7SCB, IF-F2, IF/FM8FUK, IF/FV2, IV/FM10ELUK, IV/FM8, IV/FM8GUK, KL04EVE12C, KL04EVEA(B), KL04EVES, KL04VE12GB, KL04VES, KL04VESUK, KL40EVE12CW, KL40EVEA, KL40EVEA(B), KL40EVES, KL40GS, KL40VE12GB, KL40VES, M04E1UK, M40G1UK, MW950T, MW990T, PBL04E01UK, PBL40G01UK, SFOA1, SFOA2, SOA1, SOA2

Cannon 10211G MK2, 10212G MK2, 10216G MK2, 10425G, 10450G, 10455G, 10456G, 10750G, 10755G, 10756G, 10850G, 10855G, 10856G, 20152E, 20155E, 20158E, 20170E, 20175E, 20176E, 20715E, 20718E

Creda 48283 MK2, 48904, C261ED, C261EG, C261EW, C262EK, C262ES, C262EW, C360ED, C360EG, C360EW, C361ED, C361EE, C361EG, C361EK, C361EW, C362EK, C362ES, C362EW, C363EX, C365ED, C365EG, C365EW, C366EK, C366ES, C366EW, C461ED, C461EE, C461EG, C461EW, C462EK, C462ES, C462EW, C561ED, C561EE, C561EG, C561EW, CB43EW, CF50EG, CF50EW, CF60EG, CF60EW, D010ED, D010EK, D010EW, D120ED, D120EW, E420ED, E420EE, E420EK, E420EW, E430EK, E430EW, E530ED, E530EE, E530EK, E530EW, EDCB60, EDCG60, EDCG61, EDCS51, EDCS65, EDCW51, EDCW60, EDCW61, EDHB60, EDHG60, EDHG61, EDHW60, EDHW61, EL50ES, ETCW51, ETW51, M152EG, M152EI, M152EW, N230ED, N230EK, N230EW, R010ER, R365ER, R420ER, R430ER, R530ER, R561ER, S150EB, S150EK, S150EW, S150EX, S220EB, S220EK, S220EW, S220EX, S420EB, S420EK, S420EW, S420EX, SPC60W, X152EE, X152EG, X152EI, X152EW, X153EK, X153ES, X153EW, X155EK, X155ES, X155EW, X156EK, X156ES, X156EW, X252EE, X252EG, X252EI, X252EW, X253EK, X253ES, X253EW D130EW

HOTPOINT 48208     48208L     48216     48216L 48312G     950T     990T     MW950T MW990T C00015910 DQ47I 10211G, 10212G, 10216G, 48283, 5TCCK, 5TCCW, 6DOCK, 6DOCW, 6116B, BD31, BD32B, BD32K, BD32N, BD32P, BD32T, BD35AL, BD42SS, BD52B, BD52K, BD52N, BD52P, BD52S, BD52T, BD62SS, BS32B, BS32K, BS32N, BS32P, BS42B, BS42K, BS42N, BS42P, BS52SS, BS62B, BS62K, BS62N, BS62P, BS62S, BS72SS, BU65AL, BU71B, BU71K, BU71N, BU71P, BU72B, BU72K, BU72N, BU72P, BU72S, BU82SS, C262EKH, C262ESH, C262EWH, C360ED, C360EG, C360EW, C361ED, C361EE, C361EG, C361EK, C361EW, C361EWH, C362EKH, C362ESH, C362EWH, C363EXH, C365ED, C365EG, C365EW, C366EKH, C366ESH, C366EWH, C561ED, C561EE, C561EG, C561EW, CB43EW, CF50EG, CF50EW, CF60EG, CF60EW, D010ED, D010EK, D010EW, D120ED, D120EW, DD77CH, DD77I, DE47X, DE77X, DQ47I, DQ77I, DT77X, DY46B, DY46K, DY46W, DY46X, E420EK, E430EK, E530ED, E530EE, E530EK, E530EW, EDCB60, EDCG60, EDCG61, EDCS51, EDCS51H, EDCS65, EDCW51, EDCW51H, EDCW60, EDCW61, EDHB60, EDHG60, EDHG61, EDHW60, EDHW61, EG1000EX, EG32N, EG32P, EG32S, EG51G, EG51N, EG51P, EG52N, EG52N MK2, EG52P, EG52P MK2, EG52S, EG52S MK2, EG53N, EG53P, EG53S, EG54G, EG54P, EG54T, EG71G, EG71N, EG71P, EG72N, EG72N MK2, EG72N MK3, EG72P, EG72P MK2, EG72P MK3, EG72S, EG72S MK2, EG72S MK3, EG73G, EG73K, EG73P, EG73T, EG76X, EL50ES, ETCW51, ETW51, EW32N, EW32P, EW32S, EW34N, EW34P, EW34S, EW42G, EW42N, EW42P, EW42S, EW42T, EW45SS, EW51S, EW52G, EW52N, EW52P, EW52S, EW52T, EW63P, EW72N, EW72P, EW72S, EW73G, EW73P, EW73T, EW76X, EW81G, EW81N, EW81P, EW82N, EW82P, EW82S, EW83G, EW83K, EW83P, EW83T, EW85SS, EW86X, EW91P, EW91S, EW91YS, EW92AL, EW93G, EW93K, EW93P, EW93T, EW95AL, J011EW, J121EW, J131EW, J155EW, J160EW, M152EG, M152EI, M152EW, R010ER, R365ER, R420ER, R430ER, R530ER, R561ER, S130EB, S130EBH, S130EK, S130EKH, S130EW, S130EWH, S130EX, S130EXH, S150EBH, S150EKH, S150EWH, S150EXH, S220EBH, S220EKH, S220EWH, S220EXH, S420EBH, S420EKH, S420EWH, S420EXH, SPC60W, SPC61K, SPC61W, UD47CH, UD47I, UE47X, UQ47I, UQ47T, UT47X, UY46B, UY46K, UY46W, UY46X, X152EE, X152EG, X152EI, X152EW, X153EKH, X153ESH, X153EWH, X155EK, X155ES, X155EW, X156EWH, X252EE, X252EG, X252EI, X252EW, X253EKH, X253ESH, X253EWH

Indesit FE10GB, FG1, FIE1, FIE10, FIE20, FIM1RGB, FIM5, FIV1, FIV3, FM1GB, FV1, K6041WG, K6044WG, K6400VG, K6400WG, K6406VG, K6406WG, K6408WG, KC3043BG/E, KC3043WG/E, KC3401BG/G, KC3401WG/G, KC3402WG/E, KG3044WE/G, KG3407WG/G, KG3408WE/G, KG5044BE/G, KG5044BE/G.1, KG5044WE/G, KG5044WE/G.1, KG5407BG/G, KG5407WG/G, KG5408WE/G, KG6044WV/G, KG6407BG/G, KG6407WG/G, KG6408WV/G, KN5043VG, KN5043VG/E, KN5043WG, KN5043WG/E, KN5049WG, KN5049WG/E, KN5401VG, KN5401VG/G, KN5401WG, KN5401WG/G, KN5402WG/E, KN5405WG, KN5405WG/G, KN6042WG, KN6042WG/V, KN6401VG, KN6401VG/G, KN6401WG, KN6401WG/G, KN6402WG, KN6402WG/V, KN6403VG, KN6403VG/E, KN6403WG, KN6403WG/E, KN6405WG, KN6405WG/V FDE20BK, FDE20IX, FDE20WH, FDU20IX, FDU20WH, FID20BK, FID20IX, FID20WH, FIDM20IX, FIU20BK, FIU20IX, FIU20WH, KD3CEW, KD641EM, KD641EW, KD641EX, KD643EW, KD643EX, KD6C0EW, KD6C7EM, KD6C7EW, KD6C7EX, KD6C8EW, KD6C8EX, KP100CX, KP100IX

JACKSON J011EW, J121EW, J131EW, J155EW, J160EW

KENWOOD CK305-1, CK3051

MIELE TDA150C, T494C, T8722, T8822C T223, T231C, T233C, T243, T251C, T253C, T263, T273C, T277C, T233C, T273C, T220, T220, T223, T224, T227, T230C, T230C, T231C, T233C, T233C, T234C, T237C, T238C, T240, T242, T243, T247, T248, T250C, T251C, T252C, T253C, T253C, T257C, T258C, T260, T263, T267, T270C, T273C, T277C, T243, T284, T288, T253C, T294C, T253C, T298C T4163, T4167, T4205C, T4221C, T4222C, T4222C, T4223C, T4224C, T4225C, T4227C, T4262C, T4262C, T4263C, T4267C, T4322, T4323, T4323, T4327, T4351, T4353, T4362, T4363, T4363, T4367, T4368, T4421C, T4421C, T4422C, T4423C, T4423C, T4427C, T4451C, T4452C, T4453C, T4457C, T4461C, T4461C, T4462C, T4463C, T4463C, T4464C, T4465C, T4465C, T4467C, T4468C, T4472C, T4477C, T4523, T4523, T4527, T4563, T4563, T4622C, T4623C, T4623C, T4627C, T4627C, T4652C, T4653C, T4655C, T4657C, T4659C, T4659C, T4659CI, T4662C, T4663C, T4663C, T4667C, T4672C, T4673C, T4673C, T4675C, T4677C, T4804C, T4805C, T4805C, T4809CI, T4819CI, T4839C, T4839C, T4839CI, T4839CI ED, T4859CI ED, T4882C, T4885C, T4885C, T4888C, T4889C, T4891C, T4891C, T4892C, T4897C, T4898C  and models::T8323, T8403C, T8423C, T8422C, T8828C, T8829C, T8827WP, T8000WP, T8001WP, T8002, T8003, T8012C, T8013C, T8019C, T8301, T8302, T8303, T8322, T8323, T8324, T8325, T8325, T8333, T8336, T8352, T8363, T8399C, T8400C, T8401C, T8402C, T8403C, T8413C, T8413C, T8422C, T8423C, T8424C, T8425C, T8425C, T8432C, T8433C, T8436C, T8452C LW, T8453C, T8463C, T8523, T8523, T8602C, T8603C, T8603C, T8622C, T8623C LW, T8623C LW, T8624C, T8625C LW, T8626WP, T8627WP, T8627WP, T8633C, T8633C, T8642C LW, T8663C, T8685C, T8685C, T8687C, T8695C, T8702, T8703, T8722, T8723, T8725, T8725, T8741, T8743, T8826WP, T8827WP, T8827WP, T8802C, T8803C, T8813C, T8822C LW, T8823C LW, T8825C, T8825C, T8826WP, T8827WP, T8827WP, T8828C, T8829C, T8835C, T8835C, T8837WP, T8837WP, T8841C, T8842C, T8843C, T8847WP, T8856WP, T8902C, T8903C, T8905C, T8905C, T8923C, T8923C, T8926WP, T8927WP, T8927WP, T8929WP, T8937WP, T8939WP, T8939WP, T8947WP, T8957WP, T8966WP, T8967WP T7634, T7644C, T7734, T7734, T7736, T7744C, T7744C, T7746C, T7748C, T7748C, T7750, T7754, T7760C, T7764C, T7764C, T7770, T7780C, T7850WP, T7950WP, T7934, T7944C, T7946C, T7950WP, T7952WP, T7953WP, T7953WP, T7954WP, T7964C, T7964C, T7974, T7984C T401, T410, T411G, T420C, T430, T432, T436, T440C, T442C, T446C, T478G, T480, T484C, T490, T491, T510, T515, T520, T5205, T5206, T5207, T525, T530, T535, T536, T542, T547, T552C, T557C, T560C, T562C, T565C, T570C, T575C, T580CI, T585C, T586C, T640, T643, T644, T653C, T654C, T659C, T665, T669, T675C, T677C, T679C, T679CI, T685, T689, T691C, T695C, T699C, TE5206




Supplied by Dr Fischer (formerly Philips lamp division)

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